Pocky 'Chocola on Chocola' - Caramel chocolate

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Hey again, sorry for not updating these past few weeks, I had a project to do for work that was due last Friday, so I didn't have the time to update.

Anyway, if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you would know by now that I absolutely LOVE 'Pocky'! It's my ultimate favorite Japanese snack brand, I could live on it! Seriously!So what flavor Pocky will I review about today? Well, the 'Chocola on Chocola' range of yummy Pocky sticks were first released last year in 2010 in Japan in 4 flavors; Praline chocolate, Caramel choc, Double choc & Milk choc.
During my last visit to Tokyomart, I bought the Caramel chocolate
pocky-chocolacaramel1.jpg pocky-chocolatcaramel2.jpg

Pocky - Sweet milk

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It's Pocky time again! Time for another review of my favorite snack brand of all-time!

this is the classic 'Sweet milk' Pocky that my cousin gave me when I went over to her house last weekend:
pocky-sweetmilk.jpg pocky-sweetmilk2.jpg

Pocky - Tsubu Tsubu Strawberry (slim)

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It's 'Pocky' time again! The legendary biscuit stick snack from Glico, and my personal fave snack!Today I'll be reviewing about this very popular "Tsubu Tsubu strawberry" flavor:
pocky-tsubutsubu.jpg pocky-tsubutsubu2.jpg
this hugely popular Pocky flavor was renewed for a 2010 winter release in Japan...unlike most other Pocky flavors, this one comes in a slim box containing 3 packs in each box, there's a total of 21 sticks in each box; much more than usual...then again, it could be because this is a slimmer version of the regular Pocky sticks.
"Tsubu" means 'grind' or 'grains' in Japanese, indeed, each of these Pocky sticks contained 28% more REAL strawberry freeze dried bits embedded in their strawberry chocolate coating. Enhancing the sweetness of the strawberry even more, the strawberry bits also gives this pocky a more 'authentic' taste, and not the usual artificial flavors that confectionery manufacturers tend to market in their products.

Bottom line is, do I recommend this Tsubu Tsubu strawberry Pocky? Hell YES! Definitely grab a box of these! I would grab 5 boxes of these at once!

My rating (overall):

Pocky - Caramel (Special limited edition)!

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I ordered this @ NapaJapan a while back, it's a special VERY limited edition of caramel Pocky...this particular edition was available for only a very short time in Japan in 2010. Glico (the manufacturer of the famous Pocky snacks) had randomly placed original Hello Kitty charms inside 6000 packs of this special limited edition Caramel Pocky (one charm per pack) for FREE, so each buyer had a chance to win one of the 6000 charms that were hidden randomly inside these packs.
It's no secret that I love Pocky, and I really like Hello Kitty as well, so when I saw this limited edition pack @ NapaJapan, it was too good a chance to pass!
pockyspecial1.jpg pockyspecial2.jpg

'Pretz' biscuit sticks - Pizza

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Sorry I haven't been updating for a while...I've been quite busy this past week...I initially was going to update yesterday, but after hearing about the massive devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan yesterday which caused a huge tsunami to sweep across the country, I was so overwhelmed with shock and worry for all my relatives & family who are living there. I spent much of the day yesterday trying to contact my loved ones, I'm still in a state of shock right now, and I pray for the safety of all the people of Japan.

Because I'll be spending more efforts in much of today to contact my loved ones in Japan, running errands and babysitting my niece, this will only be a very short and brief review.

Pretz 'Pizza':
pretz-pizza.jpg pretz-pizza2.jpg
these classic crispy and crunchy Pretz sticks were perfectly and accurately seasoned in a resealable bag to lock in the freshness.
My only very minor complaint about it is that I felt there wasn't enough pretz sticks in the pack, I wanted more!

My rating (overall):

Pocky - pumpkin & caramel milk

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it's been about a week since I last posted a entry...sorry for the slow updates, I've been quite easy this past week or so.

Anyway, more Pocky to blog about!this is the caramel milk flavor:
pocky-caramelmilk.jpg pocky-caramelmilk2.jpg
it's one of the classic favorites of this famous brand, indeed, after so many years, it still remains as one of my favorites too! Sweet caramel milk flavored light brown chocolate (with extra calcium content!) surrounding 80% of the crunchy biscuit sticks, perfect! And I like the cute animal prints on the packet!
My rating (overall):

here's the pumpkin Pocky:
pocky-pumpkin.jpg pocky-pumpkin2.jpg pocky-pumpkin3.jpg
another classic fave, sweet pumpkin chocolate coating 80% of each crispy biscuit stick, these were 'almost' just as yummy as the caramel milk! Again, cute packaging, and I really like the pretty bright pastel orange color of the choc. Just a little bit more pumpkin flavor in the choc coating & it would've been all around perfect!
My rating (overall):

'Pretz' - Scallop butter & Ogura toast

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here's 2 more 2010 summer special flavors from eastern Japan for 'Pretz' snack; Hotate (scallop) butter & Ogura toast...firstly the Ogura toast from the city of Nagoya:
I heard Ogura toast is a popular specialty from Nagoya, it's basically sweet azuki (red bean) paste spread on buttered toast...I've never tried it before, but it sounds yummy so I hope to try it someday. And since I'm oblivious to how Ogura toast is suppose to taste like, I didn't have much reference to judge on the accuracy of the flavors for the Pretz sticks...but since the flavor is suppose to be azuki paste on buttered toast, I assume some degree of azuki & butter taste were required. The pretzel sticks were crispy & crunchy as usual, but the real test were the seasonings...I couldn't really taste the butter, because it was too subtle...but I was able to taste the mild sweetness & flavor of the azuki, so at least they hit the nail on that aspect.
Overall, it was a nice flavor, quite interesting...a little more butter flavor and it would've been just right...but I feel like this flavor is gearing more towards sweet, rather than the usual savory.
My rating (overall):

now onto the Hotate butter flavor:
pretz-scallopbutter.jpg pretz-scallopbutter2.jpg
hotate (scallops) are very popular in north-eastern Japan, especially when flavored with butter...and that was the inspiration for this Pretz flavor.
What can I say, I enjoyed this more than the Ogura toast flavor frankly...the seasonings brought out a stronger flavor of the scallop & butter, bringing the flavors to a higher level of accuracy for its respected flavor. To the point that I was also able to taste that slight "fishiness" of seafoods (like scallops) with each pretzel stick. Scallops was the dominate flavor, although the butter taste was quite strong too.
Overall, scallops & butter make a great combination, mark my words! And when partnered up with crunchy pretzel sticks, it spells 'delectable' all over it!
My rating (overall):

in conclusion, I think these 2 flavors are well worth trying out! Especially if you love Pretz snacks (like me)!
You can order these Pretz snacks @ NapaJapan.

Pocky - Almond crush

Posted by Linda on 30. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
I was so excited when I saw this at my local Chinese grocery 'Tong Li', because it's very rare to find genuine Japan-made snacks & sweets outside Japan, unless you go to a authentic Japanese grocery. Sure you can find lots of Japanese brand confectionery & snacks outside Japan, but most of them are made in other countries like Thailand, Singapore or China, and they're NOT genuinely made in Japan. Up till now, I could only get genuinely made in Japan snacks & sweets either online, or from a authentic Japanese grocery (and we have very few here in Australia).
I was particularly excited when I saw this Pocky at Tong Li, because unlike most Japanese brands they sell which are made in a different country, this one is genuinely made and imported directly from Japan! Honestly, I was really surprised that they're selling genuine Japan-made Pocky now. But I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, because authentic Japan-made snacks & sweets are quite expensive to bulk purchase & export, and then retail in mass stores & groceries overseas. Then again, this is probably why Japanese sweets & snacks which are made in other countries are much more commonly found overseas. So I am not expecting Tong Li to make a 180 degrees turn and start selling a whole bunch of food directly imported from Japan. But I'm thankful that they're at least selling ONE authentic Japan-made product in their store!
Ok enough of all that rambling...this is Pocky's Almond crush, it's one of their all-time popular flavors, and comes in a deluxe box of 6 packets, each packet contains 4 Pocky sticks.
pocky-almondcrush.jpg pocky-almondcrush2.jpg

'Pocky' chocolate biscuit sticks - Milk coffee

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Here's another flavor of my favorite biscuit stick snack 'Pocky'; milk coffee!
pocky-milkcoffee.jpg pocky-milkcoffee2.jpg pocky-milkcoffee3.jpg
let me just say firstly, I love the kawaii cupid prints on the packaging! Ok, moving onto the pocky sticks themselves, this is one of the original flavors of Pocky, milk coffee has been one of Pocky's most popular flavors available for years, and I'm glad it's back in production! Beautifully sweet milk coffee chocolate coating 80% of each stick, pure heaven!

My rating (overall):

'Pretz' pretzel sticks - Gyoza

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Pretz from Glico! My fave savory snack!This is a special flavor from Pretz's 2010 summer special range from Eastern Japan; Gyoza (fried dumplings):
I love gyoza! My mum and I often boil or fry gyoza for lunch, sometimes I have them by themselves, and at other times they're accompanied with dipping sauce. Normally they are dipped in sauce and eaten, and in this instance, when I tasted these pretzel sticks, I realized they had used a spicy sauce as a reference for the flavor. The whole intent of this flavor was to give the consumer the full flavor of fried gyoza already dipped in spicy sauce. I didn't quite like the spicy seasoning for the sticks, because I don't like spicy foods, so that sort of put me off a bit. Whenever I eat gyoza accompanied with dipping sauce, I make the sauce myself using a mixture of soyu (soy sauce), vinegar (white or apple cider) & finely crushed ginger...which isn't spicy, but rather a salty & sour sauce with a refreshing taste of ginger. So I actually didn't expect this to be spicy at all, I was rather surprised...and a bit disappointed. I guess the Japanese love their spicy sauce more, to each their own I suppose.
Overall, it's not a bad flavor, I still quite enjoyed it...although I wasn't very happy with the spicy seasonings, but it wasn't terribly spicy either.

My rating (overall):



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