Morinaga traditional caramels - Milk

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These traditional caramels from Morinaga have been a popular sweet treat in Japan for many decades, and the old-fashioned looking packaging has had very little changes over the years. Today I will blog about the original milk caramel flavor:
morinagacaramel-milk.jpg morinagacaramel-milk2.jpg
each piece of these caramels were surprisingly soft & chewy and creamy with a rich flavor of milk. They have a very different texture to regular caramels that are hard & sticky. The coupling of the sweetness of the soft caramel and the creamy milk content is a match made in heaven really!
Overall, I definitely recommend these Morinaga caramels! Even if you are someone like me who usually doesn't like caramel, even I was won over by these!
There are numerous other flavors for Morinaga caramels available, there's also the chocolate flavor, the Azuki flavor and the Matcha flavor, and more! I think I'll try the Matcha flavor next time!

My rating (overall):

you can order these Morinaga traditional caramels @ NapaJapan:

'Sakuma' drop candy - Takoyaki

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I'm onto my fourth entry about Sakuma drop candies already! This time, it's yet another inspiration from a savory food; Takoyaki! I love Takoyaki, it's one of my all-time favorite Japanese foods. Takoyaki is a famous tasty savory snack, they're fried batter covered octopus balls, it's so delectable! Sometimes it only contains octopus inside, but other ingredients can be added too, such as green onion, pickled ginger etc...and it's usually served with okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise drizzled on top and sprinkled with shavings of fish meat (katsuobushi)...although often they are served plain without the sauce and fish shavings.
This particular Takoyaki-inspired Sakuma drops is a special regional flavor from Osaka; the birthplace of takoyaki.
sakuma-takoyaki.jpg sakuma-takoyaki2.jpg

'Sakuma' candy drops - Cheesecake

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Don't you just love cheesecake? And who doesn't love candy? So what do you get when you combine them both? Cheesecake Sakuma drops!
sakuma-cheesecake1.jpg sakuma-cheesecake2.jpg
I've become so interested in these Sakuma drop candies, amazed at the vast range of unique & different flavors for these candy drops. So when I saw they have a cheesecake flavor one from the city of Kobe, I jumped up for joy because I love cheesecake!
As soon as I popped one candy into my mouth, a burst of pleasant sweetness overwhelmed my tastebuds!
Among all the unusual and strange flavors of Sakuma drops, these cheesecake ones actually seem more "normal", because it's an adaption of a sweet food, while most other Sakuma drops are adapted from various savory foods. It's fascinating with the vast amount of unique flavors for Sakuma drops, but the sweet ones are always the best! This cheesecake flavor is the best Sakuma drops flavor I have tried so far!

My rating (overall):

'Sakuma' drop candy - Potato chips

Posted by Linda on 15. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
My second review on these fascinating Japanese food drops from Sakuma! I won't get into the introductions about Sakuma candy drops again since I've already explained briefly about them in my first Sakuma drop candy entry about the 'Ikura don' flavor here.
Ok, so for my second Sakuma drops entry, I will review about the potato chips flavor, yes, you read right, POTATO CHIPS!
sakuma-potatochips.jpg sakuma-potatochips2.jpg
Ok, so candies & lollies are one of the most loved type of confectioneries there is, and potato chips are perhaps the cream of the crop in the snacks world. But have you, or anyone else in this world for that matter, ever thought about how it would turn out if you combine the 2? Well, the people at Sakuma surely did! And not only did they came up with the idea, but they actually executed it! And here it is! A drop candy with all the flavor of potato chips! Oh the Japanese never fail to amaze me!
Well, how did they taste? Well, about a second after you pop each candy in your mouth, that strong taste of potato chips just hits you, it was quite incredible. I was amazed, the guys at Sakuma, really captured the real flavor of packed potato chips, and infused all those flavors into these pieces of candy drops!
Overall, not a bad creation from Sakuma, I enjoyed this flavor more than the 'Ikura don' flavor, and I had no problems savoring through half of the candies in the tin (my mum ate the other half). the end of the day, I have to say, I still much prefer candies & potato chips to be separated!

My rating (overall):

'Hi-chew' candy - Cotton candy & Melon

Posted by Linda on 25. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
'Hi-chew' or sometimes known for its Japanese name as 'Hi-chu', from Morinaga are bubblegum-like chewy candies bursting with these are the watagashi (cotton candy) & melon flavors, firstly the watagashi cotton candy:
hichewcottoncandy.jpg hichewcottoncandy2.jpg
on the label it says "Hi-chu Jr.", so I'm guessing this one is mainly targeted for children? I wasn't sure since I didn't pay much attention when I bought this at the local Chinese grocery. To the candy itself, there were about 7 candies in each pack, as expected, each candy were very chewy like bubblegum, and bursting with sweetness...there were also some caramelized sugar embedded in each piece, to give them that texture of cotton candy.
Over all, it was nice...but, not that tempting for me personally...I don't know...I guess I just don't like the idea of the sugar embedded in the candy very much...I know it gives the candy the texture of cotton candy, but still...I just wasn't very fond of it, but that's just my own preference.
My rating (overall):

now onto the melon candy:
hichu-melon.jpg hichu-melon2.jpg
I liked this one better than the cotton candy, again, very chewy & each candy was bursting with lovely Rockmelon (also known as Cantaloupe in America) flavor. I love melons & melon flavored candies!
My rating (overall):

'Chelsea' candy - Hokkaido Milk scotch

Posted by Linda on 22. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
This is a special regional edition of Chelsea scotch candy, from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido; Hokkaido milk scotch:

'Chelsea' candy - Peach milk scotch

Posted by Linda on 02. 2010 2 comments 0 trackback
After a slightly disappointing Yogurt scotch, I was hoping this peach milk scotch Chelsea would be a lot more satisfying & tempting, and it certainly was!
chelsea-peachmilk.jpg chelsea-peachmilk2.jpg
I was actually very intrigued about this particular flavor, because I have never tried peach milk before, so I wasn't quite sure of the flavor. But as always, the beautiful Chelsea packaging really lured me, and the flavor sounds so tempting so I didn't hesitate to add this to my 4th order with NapaJapan!
What can I say, I was pleasantly stunned with this one, each candy bursting with the sweet flavor of peach, and creamy milk, which were eagerly welcomed by my taste buds as soon as I popped the candy into my mouth! I think the peach and milk really blends well together, creating a refreshing, creamy sweet sensation in your mouth!
I can safely say that this is definitely, without a doubt, one of my favorite Chelsea candy flavors yet!And also one of the best flavors Meiji Chelsea have come up with!
Now I have this eagerness to try peach milk! Although I doubt I'll be able to find it here in Australia *sigh* but I will keep searching!

My rating (overall):

you can order 'Chelsea' peach milk scotch, as well as other Chelsea flavors at NapaJapan here:

'Chelsea' candy - Yogurt scotch

Posted by Linda on 15. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
If you have read my entry on the Chelsea Coffee scotch candy, then you will know that I love Chelsea candies & I've tried several of its flavors already. So this is the yogurt scotch:
chelsea-yogurt1.jpg chelsea-yogurt02.jpg
I was initially really excited when I ordered this at NapaJapan (along with lots of other goodies, this is my 3rd order from NapaJapan actually) and eagerly anticipating for my box of goodies to arrive at my doorstep.
When it finally arrived, I tore through the package, this was among those goodies I was most eager to tuck into, so I opened the package & popped the first candy into my mouth.
It had a nice flavor to it, you could taste the yogurt flavor, the slight "tang" of yogurt flavor in the candy.
But in all honesty, overall I wasn't particularly impressed with this one...frankly, it was a bit disappointing for me...I still liked this just wasn't as good as I had anticipated...certainly not as good as all the other Chelsea flavors I've tried.

My rating (overall):

'Sakuma' drop candies - Ikura don

Posted by Linda on 22. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
Lately I have been very fascinated with these Sakuma drop candies, they've been around in Japan for almost a century...although they did experience a period of decline as more modern Japanese candies & confectioneries were produced in Japan...but in the last decade or so, these Sakuma food drops are gradually crawling their way back into the spotlight.

There's so many different flavors of Sakuma drops available, most of them are very unusual & wacky, the kind of flavors that you would NEVER imagine would be able to be executed in a candy! Most Sakuma flavors are savory, not sweet...although the candies mostly contain sweet flavorings, they basically just have a generous amount of their respective flavors added to each candy.
Just to give you an idea of just how wacky these flavors are, there's different kinds of ramen & udons flavors available, chili, potato chips, roasted sweet potato, hamburgers, Japanese sake etc, just to name a few...and this one, which is a special candy version rendition of the famous 'Ikura don' from Hokkaido:
ikuradon-sakuma.jpg ikuradon-sakuma2.jpg

'Star in the Night Sky' (Kompeito) candy

Posted by Linda on 11. 2010 0 comments 0 trackback
Lately I ordered a delightful package of candies & other goodies from, and this is 1 of of the many I's a small pocket sized cup of little Kompeito candies...Kompeito are star shaped hard candies which are claimed to "explode in all directions" when you pop them in your mouth...these candies have been around in Japan for many centuries.
starcandy.jpg starcandy2.jpg
they weren't too bad, but nor were they exciting either...when I read the description, it sounded interesting enough, but frankly, I was disappointed...I expected it would be like those exciting candies that make funny "popping" noises as they really "explode" in your mouth. But these were nothing like that...they were hard, as I expected, but as I bit down on each candy, they just break down into tiny pieces & dissolve in your mouth almost instantly...which was nice...but other than that, there wasn't anything else special about this candy, and there was nothing "exploding" about it either, rather disappointed.
But my mom seem to have liked these a lot more than I did, so I only ate a few of the candies & gave my mom the rest.

My rating (overall):



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