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Hojicha is a popular roasted type of tea in Japan, it's different to Matcha and other types of Japanese green teas, in the sense that Hojicha is roasted green tea leaves over charcoal on a very high temperature until the leaves turn reddish-brown. Once brewed, Hojicha has a reddish-brown colour, it's less bitter than green tea due to the loss of catechin content during the roasting process. But it has a very pleasant taste and aroma, and Hojicha was the inspiration for this new limited edition and VERY RARE regional flavor of Kit Kat!
kitkat-hojicha.jpg kitkat-hojicha2.jpg kitkat-hojicha3.jpg
the classic wafers were coated by a thick layer of pleasant brown chocolate infused with a generous and very accurate amount of Hojicha flavor, with more sweet Hojicha flavor choc between the wafers. The choc coating was melt in your mouth, highly recommended! This has just been added to my list of favorite KK flavors!

My rating (overall):

I was lucky to have found this particular flavor of KK, it's VERY RARE in Japan, only available in a small region in Japan! And it's only available for order online @ NapaJapan!
it is quite expensive, US$2.49 for just 1 mini bar of this, but considering just how rare this particular KK is, I think the price is quite reasonable...even if you are put off by the price, for me, it was an amazing experience! And I think it's well worth a try at least! I will definitely order this flavor again! But of course not frequently because of the price, however I will order it again because of how much I loved the taste

ooooh that looks so interesting! But it's so expensive for a small piece of chocolate! i don't know if I want to spend that money, but I so wanna try the kit kat!
2011.02.20 12:11 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]
Crystal - Yes the price is a bit expensive...I was initially apprehensive too, but once I tried the flavor, it was all so worth it in the end! But I wouldn't buy this on a regular basis of course, however it's definitely worth a try!
2011.02.20 18:51 | URL | Linda #- [edit]
Interesting..I never heard of hojicha this is also the first time i have seen that Kit Kat.
2011.02.25 09:40 | URL | Clara #- [edit]
I tried this when I was in Japan - I loved it too! Hojicha is soooooooooo yummy :)
2011.03.09 21:03 | URL | amy #- [edit]

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