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So you all know I've always been obsessed with Japanese stuff & have always wanted to try all those exciting & wacky Kit Kat flavors from is so hard to find them outside Japan, so I feel so fortunate when I found this great little online shop some weeks ago that sells a wide range of Japanese confectioneries & snacks called NapaJapan! They currently have a total of 93 listings for Japanese kit kats alone! They also sell many more fantastic japanese delights like my favorite biscuit stick 'Pocky' from Japanese confectionery giant Glico! And other famous sweets & snacks like 'Pretz' (also from Glico), and 'Cruncky' & 'Toppo' (from LOTTE). They also sell the products at much lower prices than Ebay & the shipping fees are reasonable too.
So for all Japanese snack lovers & people who want to try Japanese confectionery, I strongly recommend you visit NapaJapan!

Anyway, this is just 1 of the 7 KK flavors I ordered from NapaJapan; 'Calpis':
I love the drink, I always buy a bottle of it every week at my local Chinese grocery, so when I saw this flavor, I didn't hesitate to order. I expected it to have a decent amount of the Calpis drink flavor, and it did, much to my delight
They also sold this flavor in a party pack of 13 mini bars, but because this was my first try of this particular flavor, I only ordered 2 mini bars for US$1.99, just in case I didn't like it. But now I wish I had ordered the entire pack because I love it so much!I will definitely order this flavor again, and next time it will be the entire pack!

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