Corn tea drink

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a interesting & healthy drink from Hung Fook Tong (a famous Chinese food & beverage company originating in Hong Kong); Corn tea drink:
initially I wasn't sure what kind of tea the company used to make the drink...until I took my first sip and realized that it was black tea. Despite the addition of sugar to the drink, the tea retained a lot of its rich aroma & taste, the little bit of sugar merely added a bit of sweetness to the drink. The flavor of the corn on the other hand was a bit of a was way too subtle, I could barely taste it, the taste of black tea was so dominating everything else, that the flavor of the corn was virtually non-existent. The drink tasted more like simple sweetened black tea, rather than corn black tea.
But all in all, it was still a refreshing drink, and it did quench my thirst, so that definitely accounts to something.

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would still try it i think, it sounds interesting. i like those corn jelly like candy, so i may like this.
2011.01.19 19:47 | URL | Cynthia Tse #- [edit]
That sounds interesting, I might try that some time =)
2011.01.19 22:07 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]

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