Pocky - pumpkin & caramel milk

Posted by Linda on 11. 2011 3 comments 0 trackback
it's been about a week since I last posted a entry...sorry for the slow updates, I've been quite easy this past week or so.

Anyway, more Pocky to blog about!this is the caramel milk flavor:
pocky-caramelmilk.jpg pocky-caramelmilk2.jpg
it's one of the classic favorites of this famous brand, indeed, after so many years, it still remains as one of my favorites too! Sweet caramel milk flavored light brown chocolate (with extra calcium content!) surrounding 80% of the crunchy biscuit sticks, perfect! And I like the cute animal prints on the packet!
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here's the pumpkin Pocky:
pocky-pumpkin.jpg pocky-pumpkin2.jpg pocky-pumpkin3.jpg
another classic fave, sweet pumpkin chocolate coating 80% of each crispy biscuit stick, these were 'almost' just as yummy as the caramel milk! Again, cute packaging, and I really like the pretty bright pastel orange color of the choc. Just a little bit more pumpkin flavor in the choc coating & it would've been all around perfect!
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Hi Linda! I haven't come to your blog for a long time but it's good to see you continuing to update! I really enjoy reading your reviews.

I have tried the Caramel Milk Pocky roo, it was really good! but I haven't tried the Pumpkin one...I might give it a go one day, thanks for the recommendation!

2011.01.13 14:10 | URL | Clara #- [edit]
Clara -
Yep you should! The pumpkin Pocky is really yummy & sweet! :D
2011.01.20 13:14 | URL | Linda #- [edit]
upon your recommendation, I've placed a order with Napajapan nd after reading your review, the pumpkin Pocky is 1 of the items I ordered! =D
2011.01.26 22:06 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]

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