Coffee Swiss Roll cake from Nice Bakery

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There was a problem with my computer so I had it fixed at a local repair shop I dropped it off at the repair shop, I decided to pop into Nice Bakery for a snack, since it's located right next to the repair shop. I was debating on whether to buy my usual favorite the crab & cheese bun, or a slice of cake...I have to be frank though, I don't particular like their individual cakes...despite their tasty buns & celebration cakes... I've also tried a few of their different smaller individual cakes before and I thought they all tasted a bit "bland", also I've tasted their individual Chocolate, Taro & Green tea cakes, and all of them somehow tasted rather similar to me. But yesterday I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and decided to try a different cake this time, a slice of their Coffee swiss roll cake. Even though I love coffee cake, and have tasted a lot of really good coffee cakes from numerous different bakeries...I didn't have high expectations on Nice Bakery's coffee cake...considering all my previous rather disappointing experiences with their individual cakes:
and I'm glad I didn't have much expectations...have to hand it to them, in my previous experiences with their individual cakes, Nice Bakery seem to emphasize more on the appearance of their cakes...instead of actually concentrating on the other important aspect; the taste. But this time, not only did the coffee cake look scrumptious, but it actually tasted quite good too. The cake itself had a nice coffee essence, the fresh cream filling was so soft and creamy, the chopped toasted peanuts are always a winner, and I also really liked the what I think is coffee flavored chocolate sauce in the center.
Overall, it's a nice cake, for once I'm actually satisfied with their individual only tiny complaint about it is that I would've preferred if the cake had just a bit more coffee flavor as I didn't think the overall flavor of coffee was strong enough for my taste...but other than that, there's nothing I can complain about it, I actually might come back for seconds next time!

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