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Finally! My very first dining/restaurant entry! I had been putting it off for quite some time now...actually, almost 2 months now! Because the first dining experience I'm going to blog about happened about 6 weeks ago...I was planning on blogging about it then, but for some unknown reason I kept putting it off. But finally today I thought I should just get it over and done with.

So, about 6 weeks ago, a close friend of mine Jessica and I went on our weekly shopping trip to the city. About lunch time, we went to this really nice little Japanese restaurant/eatery where we sometimes like to go for lunch. I don't think either of us remember the name of the place, nor do we know the address for it...but it's located at the very corner beside the traffic lights just opposite the entrance of Market City, outside Chinatown in Central.
It's a very popular little eatery, every time we pass there in the late mornings, there's already people lining outside, business is always very busy there by noon.
Anyway, so that day I ordered the Sushi Deluxe for about $13, which came with a free bowl of Miso soup, and Jessica ordered the Beef's the beef udon she ordered:
apparently Jessica really enjoyed it...she has a heart condition & can't eat foods that are too strong in flavor or concentrated, so she ordered the beef udon as it's quite mild in taste, and doesn't have a lot of had some boiled beef strips, a soft hard-boiled egg, some chopped spring onions and thick chewy udon noodles. Jessica let me have a taste, and the broth was quite nice & hearty, and the beef strips were's a rather simple dish, ideal for her health.

Ok, onto my Sushi deluxe & miso soup:
jap-miso.jpg jap-sushideluxe.jpg
they always serve the miso soup very early on, I'm guessing they always pre-make the miso soup beforehand since many of their dishes from their menu comes with a free bowl of miso soup, so the chefs there are constantly cooking batches of miso soup.
I love miso soup, I can't make them myself by scratch, so I always buy packets of instant Japanese miso soup paste from my local asian grocery, and make the soup myself from the paste. It's very easy, just add boiling water to the paste!
On my sushi plate, there were 4 small sashimi Makizushi, which are the sushi rolls (I ate 2 of them before I remembered to take the photos), and the rest are Nigirizushi, there were sashimi, egg, prawn, octopus, eel etc, in total there were 14 pieces. I loved them all, as expected from a sushi freak like me!I enjoyed every piece, my faves were the sashimi & eel...I wished they had given me some dipping sauce to go with them though.
I give both the miso soup & Sushi deluxe 5 hearts!
My rating (overall):

Hi just wondering if you remember the name for the resturant??
2011.03.12 16:37 | URL | reearne #- [edit]
Reearne -

Hi, yes I remember the little restaurant is called 'Kura' Japanese dining & takeaway, and here's the address:

3/76 Ultimo Road
Haymarket, Sydney 2000
NSW Australia
2011.03.12 17:16 | URL | Linda #KmWPbMmc [edit]

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