Kit Kat chunky - Cookies & Cream

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Another Kit Kat from Australia; Cookies & Cream! Mmm...Oishii!
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It has just about the same amount of cream as the wafer biscuits, with just about the right amount of black cookie pieces (I'm guessing they're 'Oreo' biscuits).
Overall, it's good...although I would've preferred if they had coated it with dark choc instead of milk choc...I think the coating of the milk choc is a bit too thick, I often can't stand too much milk or white chocolate in one go, as they're both very sweet & sometimes soars my throat...dark choc is less sweet & even consumed in excess is tolerable for me, so it's a personal thing for me. I'm ok with this flavor just the way it is...only that I wish KK Australia would sell them in regular sized bars or those party sized mini the moment they only sell them in chunky size & has too much milk choc for my taste.

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