'Yan Yan' chocolate biscuit sticks - Cream & Mango

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I really like these 'Yan Yan' snacks from Meiji! They're fun biscuit stick snacks that you dip into chocolate or cream, oishii! Nowadays I don't buy them as much as before, but they're always a delicious treat to have once in a while. However a problem I often encounter when I eat these is that sometimes I discover there just wasn't enough biscuit sticks in each pack for the dipping, because they're so irresistibly tasty just by themselves!
Today I'm going to blog about the cream & mango Yan Yan...first the cream Yan Yan:
this is the original flavor...the biscuit sticks were lovely & crunchy, and the cream dip was thick, creamy & sweet like always, perfect!
My rating (overall):

here's the mango flavor:
yanyan-mango.jpg yanyan-mango2.jpg yanyan-mango3.jpg
the same as the cream flavor, only the dip was mango flavoured cream, this is a new flavour of Yan Yan...and it did not disappoint, the mango cream was thick with just about the right amount of mango flavor...although I would've loved it more if the mango flavor was a little bit stronger...but other than that tiny flaw, this is also a sure hit!
My rating (overall):

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@ Omar: Hi thank you for visiting my blog, unfortunately I don't know where you can buy this in Saudi Arabia, are there any Chinese or other East Asian stores in your area? If so then maybe you can try finding them in those stores, or try finding them online.

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