'Hi-chew' candy - Cotton candy & Melon

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'Hi-chew' or sometimes known for its Japanese name as 'Hi-chu', from Morinaga are bubblegum-like chewy candies bursting with flavor...so these are the watagashi (cotton candy) & melon flavors, firstly the watagashi cotton candy:
hichewcottoncandy.jpg hichewcottoncandy2.jpg
on the label it says "Hi-chu Jr.", so I'm guessing this one is mainly targeted for children? I wasn't sure since I didn't pay much attention when I bought this at the local Chinese grocery. To the candy itself, there were about 7 candies in each pack, as expected, each candy were very chewy like bubblegum, and bursting with sweetness...there were also some caramelized sugar embedded in each piece, to give them that texture of cotton candy.
Over all, it was nice...but, not that tempting for me personally...I don't know...I guess I just don't like the idea of the sugar embedded in the candy very much...I know it gives the candy the texture of cotton candy, but still...I just wasn't very fond of it, but that's just my own preference.
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now onto the melon candy:
hichu-melon.jpg hichu-melon2.jpg
I liked this one better than the cotton candy, again, very chewy & each candy was bursting with lovely Rockmelon (also known as Cantaloupe in America) flavor. I love melons & melon flavored candies!
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