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I went to my local Chinese grocery yesterday for some snacks & food since I had some friends over for lunch...and considering how bad a cook I amI decided it was safer to go out and buy some snacks, as oppose to me cooking something for them. Mind you, if it was any other ordinary day, I wouldn't mind fixing myself some not-so-pleasant food...but since I had some guests over yesterday, I didn't want to embarrass myself with my terrible cooking!

Anyway, this is one of the snacks I bought...ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved these 'Hello Panda' biscuit snacks from Meiji! These lovely little biscuits filled with yummy chocolate in the center, and with these various little cute prints of the panda character on the front of each biscuit. This is 1 of the classic favorites; strawberry:
meijipanda-strawberry.jpg meijipanda-strawberry2.jpg meijipanda-strawberry3.jpg
what can I say, each of these biscuits were beautifully golden, crunchy & crispy, each bursting with lovely strawberry flavor from the strawberry choc filling...these are so irresistible I always have a hard time saving them up!
These Hello Panda snacks are always a winner within our group of friends, and knowing that I wouldn't be able to share just 1 pack with everyone else (we'd most likely fight over it!), I bought 6 packs of this yesterday, so we can all have a pack each! Mine was the only strawberry flavored one because it's one of my fave flavors of Hello Panda...I wanted to get the Milk flavor one too, the same one I first tried back in July...but when I tried to look for it yesterday at the store, there were none in stock...oh well, maybe next time.

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