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here's a Kit Kat from Australia; DARK!
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Believe it or not, I'm a HUGE lover of dark chocolate! I'm perhaps 1 of the very few ppl in this world who actually prefers dark choc over milk & white choc! Seriously, I love that slight bitterness in dark choc & the fact that dark choc has more cocoa content, thus having higher nutritional value. I don't need any fancy flavors, usually I can just settle very well with just a block of plain dark choc.

Anyway, this Kit Kat flavor is pure heaven for me; I mean, the combination of my favorite choc snack & my fav choc type, it just can't get any better than that!I'm a huge fan of all those unique & exciting Japanese Kit Kat flavors...but this dark choc flavor KK from Australia is no doubt my ultimate fav non-Japanese KK flavor!I had consumed the entire pack in under 1 minute!
My only complaint about it is its small size the moment, KK Australia only sells this dark choc flavor in 4 mini-fingers packs. I would much prefer if they sell them in chunky size or those party sized mini KK packs too.

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