Kit Kat - Winter strawberry

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Japan has already produced a strawberry flavor kit kat, and here's another kind they made using strawberries specifically grown in winter.
winterstrawberryKK.jpg winterstrawberryKK2.jpg
unlike the regular strawberry flavored kit kats which were coated with strawberry flavored white chocolate, this one was coated with milk choc instead (obviously)...slightly reducing the full strawberry flavor. The star of this particular KK for me, was the strawberry cream between the wafers, which brought out most if not all of the lovely strawberry flavor.

Up till now, I am still unable to make out the difference between regular strawberries & strawberries grown in winter...nor can I differentiate between the tastes of the 2. So I am not sure exactly what the difference is between this KK and the regular strawberry KK...they all have the same flavor to me...the only difference I was able to taste was the use of milk choc instead of the regular white choc.

Overall, this was a really nice KK with a lovely flavor of strawberry...although there's really nothing special about this one, as it virtually has the same strawberry taste as the regular strawberry kit kat (to me anyway).

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