Taipei egg crisps

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I went grocery shopping yesterday, saw this pack of Taiepi egg crisps in our local Chinese grocery, it seemed tempting I thought it won't hurt to give it a try, so I bought a box of it for AU$2.50.
eggcrisps.jpg eggcrisps2.jpg
the first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the quantity, only contained 6 crisps, so I was a bit disappointed...I had expected more quantities of it for my money's worth...but in slight fairness, each crisp were quite decent in size. As for the taste? Much worse than the small quantity, there was nothing special about the taste whatsoever...photographed on the cover, it seemed like there were a layer of shredded coconut embedded inside each crisp, but I didn't see any shredded coconut, nor was I able to taste any.
However, not all was disappointing, each crisp did live up to its name, they were crispy & crunchy, so I will give them points for that. Just quantity & the taste I was disappointed in, very 'bland', nothing special.

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