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My fourth order with NapaJapan has just arrived at my doorstep a few hours ago, yatta!
So, my first goodie from my 4th order I'll review about is this chunky Kit Kat bar, another invention from Kit Kat Japan! I love drinking maccha (green tea), and any maccha flavored confectioneries & snacks! So I was really delighted to see this Uji maccha flavored chunky KK available, assuming it will have a very strong flavor of my fave tea, I didn't hesitate to order this:
kitkatbar-maccha.jpg kitkatbar-maccha2.jpg
frankly...I was just slightly disappointed with this one...despite the thick coating of green maccha flavored chocolate surrounding the entire bar, and more maccha flavored icing between the wafers, the full flavor of maccha however, just wasn't as strong as I had anticipated...I felt the flavor of the white choc had slightly overpowered the rather subtle taste of the maccha, so that was a bit of a let-down for me.
Overall, it wasn't "bad", I still enjoyed munching on it and I had no troubles consuming the entire bar in under 2 minutesjust that I would've loved it much more if the full maccha flavor had been stronger.

My rating (overall):

I also took some points off for the price; US$3.99 for each bar, I felt the price was a bit too high for the bar. Over here in Australia, we can buy a chunky sized chocolate bar for about half that price. Then again, Japanese Kit Kats are just so rare to find outside Japan, so I wouldn't mind spending some extra money on these Japanese sweets once in a while

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