Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

Posted by Linda on 25. 2010 7 comments 0 trackback
Yesterday was my birthday! HAPPY B'DAY TO ME!!There was a small "party" (if you could call it that) held last night at my place...in previous years, usually I would invite a lot of people & we would go to a restaurant for dinner & then go back to my place for the cake. But this year I wasn't feeling particularly in the mood for a big celebration, so we only had a small gathering of friends & relatives over for dinner.

Sorry I didn't take much photos from last night because I wasn't in the mood to take photos, however, I did take a few photos of the birthday cake, so I can blog about it with a short & brief review.

So this was my b'day cake, it's a Taro cake:
bcake1.jpg bcake2.jpg
it looks very plain doesn't it? But it tasted really good. There were loads of chopped toasted peanut pieces surrounding the edges of the cake, decorated with lovely fresh strawberry & peach slices on the top. When I cut through the cake, I notice there was a thick layer of purple-grayish color Taro paste sandwiched between the bottom layer and top layer of cake, yum!
Overall, it wasn't a overly sweet cake, so my mum loved it too. She usually doesn't like cakes which are overly sweet, so every year, she typically tends to eat just one small slice of my b'day cakes. She was pleased that the cake she ordered this year wasn't as sweet as previous years, so she had a few extra slices of it, much to my delight.

My rating (overall):

I would've given the cake 5 stars, but I took some points off for the rather "plain" presentation of the cake, and also because I felt there was too much amount of the cream frosting on the cake. Other than those little disappointments, I was fairly satisfied with the rest of the cake.

Happy Birthday Linda! How old are you by the way?

This is my first time visiting your blog and I enjoy reading all your reviews! Please keep them coming, this is a really nice blog.
2010.09.25 19:23 | URL | Clara #- [edit]
Happy Birthday :)
2010.09.26 02:01 | URL | Dimah #- [edit]
happy birthday! and many many many more v-238
2010.09.26 13:25 | URL | Tsukasa #- [edit]
Clara - Hi welcome to my blog! :D I just turned 24 :)

Dimah & Tsukasa - Arigatou for the birthday wishes! :)
2010.09.26 16:03 | URL | Linda #5zT48dSA [edit]
So you're 24...do you live alone?
2010.09.26 17:58 | URL | Clara #- [edit]
Clara - I used to live alone in a apartment when I was 18 to 22...but about 2 years ago, I moved back in with my mum because her health isn't good, and since I don't have any siblings, I decided to take care of her.
2010.09.26 21:14 | URL | Linda #- [edit]
So you are taking care of your mum...that's very sweet of you.
2011.01.13 14:11 | URL | Clara #- [edit]

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