'Sakuma' drop candies - Ikura don

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Lately I have been very fascinated with these Sakuma drop candies, they've been around in Japan for almost a century...although they did experience a period of decline as more modern Japanese candies & confectioneries were produced in Japan...but in the last decade or so, these Sakuma food drops are gradually crawling their way back into the spotlight.

There's so many different flavors of Sakuma drops available, most of them are very unusual & wacky, the kind of flavors that you would NEVER imagine would be able to be executed in a candy! Most Sakuma flavors are savory, not sweet...although the candies mostly contain sweet flavorings, they basically just have a generous amount of their respective flavors added to each candy.
Just to give you an idea of just how wacky these flavors are, there's different kinds of ramen & udons flavors available, chili, potato chips, roasted sweet potato, hamburgers, Japanese sake etc, just to name a few...and this one, which is a special candy version rendition of the famous 'Ikura don' from Hokkaido:
ikuradon-sakuma.jpg ikuradon-sakuma2.jpg
I love eating Ikura don! For those who don't know what it is, it's a very popular Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of white rice topped with a lot of salmon roe. It's so delicious, it's 1 of my fave Japanese dishes!
As I expected each candy had a decent amount of Ikura don flavor, though not too strong...but because Ikura don is a savory dish, the sweetness in each candy was reduced by the Ikura don flavor, resulting in a not particularly sweet candy.
Want my honest opinion? I didn't like this very much...but perhaps it's just because it's not for my taste...although I absolutely love Ikura don, but I don't think I like it in candy form! I much prefer eating the original dish...but my mum loved this though, because it wasn't as sweet as most candies are, she ate most of the drops in the tin.

My rating (overall):

if you are interested in Sakuma drop candies, you can order them at Jlist.com, I think they have just about every Sakuma drop flavor available, and there's heaps of them to choose from!

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