ALDI supermarket - 'Dairy Fine' assorted chocolates!

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Hi again everyone, I'm back with more new snack reviews! Today I will review 2 more great snack products from ALDI discount supermarket

I picked up these 100g packs of Dairy Fine milk chocolate block varieties at my local ALDI supermarket yesterday, 'Dairy Fine' is another private brand of ALDI's, it's the brand they use to market some of their chocolate snacks varieties. As labeled on the packaging, these Dairy Fine chocolate blocks only cost $1 each! That's insanely cheap! I couldn't resist to buy a packet of every flavour variety on the shelf! There's quite a good selection of these chocolates available, I think I bought about 7 different varieties in total, but I'll only be reviewing 2 flavour varieties today, and I'll review the others next time. These are the strawberry and peppermint flavours with milk chocolate:

I'll start with the strawberry flavour:

I love the fact that each individual piece of chocolate of the choc block had the strawberry filling embedded inside, the milk chocolate coating outside had a lovely smooth and creamy texture and consistency, there's nothing to complain about the milk choc. However, my issue with this one was the strawberry filling, although I liked the nice gooey texture of the filling which was not too thick, but the strawberry flavour itself tasted clearly very artificial, so that was quite disappointing...I was hoping the filling would contain at least some traces of real strawberry, but sadly all I could taste from the strawberry filling was artificial flavours, and the colour of the filling was clearly artificial pink colouring also. I also checked the list of ingredients printed at the back of the packet and unfortunately the specific ingredients used to make the strawberry filling was not listed, it just says "Strawberry filling (40%)", which is quite odd, and it means that I can't be sure exactly what ingredients were used to make the strawberry filling. But if I'm just going to rely on my taste buds, then clearly the filling tasted of very artificial strawberry flavour and artificial coloring. That was my only issue with this product...but then again, I shouldn't be too disappointed, since most confectionery manufacturers worldwide use alot of cheap artificial flavourings and colourings in their products anyway.
Despite the disappointing artificial strawberry filling inside the milk chocolate, I think these chocolates are still a great product overall for your money's worth, considering they only cost $1 each! A 100g block of chocolate from a more well-known mainstream brand usually costs about AU$3-$5 here in Australia (depending on the brand and the shop), and usually it's just for a plain block of chocolate. So just $1 for a block of chocolate of this size is a massive bargain! and what makes these Dairy Fine chocs even better is that these are not just boring plain chocs, these chocs are more fancy with different kinds of fillings inside, so they are more worth your money! I would happily buy this again for the super cheap price!

My rating (overall):
I had taken a few points off because of the disappointing artificial strawberry filling, I would've given this full marks if the filling had contained at least some traces of real strawberry.

Now let's move onto this milk chocolate with peppermint filling:

again there is nothing to fault the milk chocolate coating, it had a smooth consistency and texture, my only issue was the filling again...but this time it wasn't as disappointing as the strawberry filling one, I liked this peppermint flavour filling better than the strawberry one. I usually love mint flavour foods and sweets, and I'm quite familiar with mint flavours, and my taste buds did detect some actual peppermint oil in the filling, which I was happy with, because it means they at least had used some genuine peppermint flavours in the filling. However, I thought the peppermint flavour still wasn't quite as strong as I would've liked it to be...I also checked the list of ingredients printed on the back of the packaging and peppermint oil was indeed listed, however only a very tiny amount was used, I don't remember exactly how much peppermint oil was used for the filling, but I remember it was listed somewhere less than 0.50%, which is BARELY any trace at all! I understand that peppermint oil has a very strong scent and flavour and just a tiny amount is usually enough, but even the very minuscule amount used for the filling was still too little for my taste, even adding just a little bit more peppermint oil would've made a significant difference for me. But it just depends on personal preference, I like my mint flavour sweets & foods to have a strong minty flavour, and the peppermint flavour in the filling just wasn't strong enough for me. Oh well, I'm still more satisfied with this peppermint filling than the other strawberry one, and the gooey texture & consistency of the filling was really nice too, so I can't complain too much.
Overall I think this milk chocolate with peppermint filling is definitely better, I will certainly buy more of this one the next time I shop at ALDI for my groceries!

My rating (overall):

I also love the fact that these Dairy Fine chocolate block varieties are 100% made locally in Australia and are not imports I love buying Australian-made products, it helps to ensure jobs in the country

There are still about 5 other different flavours of these Dairy Fine chocolate varieties that I have yet to review, and I will review them mostly 2 at a time. Since I have already reviewed both the strawberry and peppermint flavour with milk choc today, I will review 2 more flavours next time

Have a great day everyone, and until next time, bye!

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