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Hi again everyone, I'm back with more snack reviews! This time I'm going to take another break from reviewing Japanese snacks, as much as I'm obsessed with Japanese snacks, there's just so much great snacks from other parts of the world too, so once in a while I feel compelled to reserve some room in this blog for reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks. And since the last time I reviewed about anything not Japanese related was back in June last year, I felt it's about time to post more reviews about non-Japanese food and snacks, so today's reviews will be a few of them

But before I start with today's reviews, I just wanted to express how much my life has become so much easier ever since the ALDI discount supermarket store opened in my suburb about 2 years ago! Ever since the store opened near my neighbourhood, I have been frequently buying most of my groceries there, many of their products are very good quality and sold at very cheap prices, just about all the products they sell are cheaper than other supermarkets, you will always find great bargains at the ALDI supermarket, thanks to ALDI, I have saved on alot of money over the years on my groceries ever since I switched to shopping at their store ALDI makes many of their own products through their own private brands. One of ALDI's own private brands is called Sprinters, apparently it is ALDI's own brand of potato chips snacks, and today I will be reviewing an assortment of Sprinters potato chips!
Firstly, I will start with this large 200g (NOT 2kg! I don't know why I typed 2kg, I must've been thinking about something else! XP) packet of Sprinters crinkle-cut potato chips in chicken flavour:
these potato chips had the perfect texture; crunchy but not too hard, and very well seasoned, the combination of chicken seasoning and herbs was well balanced and really complemented the perfect texture of the chips. I also noticed that alot of the chips in the packet were quite large in size, which is another good thing...although a few of the chips were a little overcooked, but that's only just a very minor flaw, it's hardly a problem to me. I don't mind that a few of the chips were overcooked, it happens, it's all too common to find a few slightly burned or overcooked chips in a pack of potato chips, so it's really no big deal.
What's even better about these chips is the cheap price, this is a large 200g pack of chips and yet it only cost AU$2 for a pack at ALDI! Normally a pack of potato chips of this same size would typically cost about $3 - $5 for a more expensive mainstream brand here in Australia, so to get a pack of chips of this large size for only $2 is a great bargain! and you get ALOT of chips for your money's worth, and I mean ALOT!
Overall these Sprinters crinkle-cut potato chips were so lip-smackingly yummy, I didn't care about those very few slightly overcooked chips, it's not even a problem to me, and they're so cheap! I really have nothing to complain about these chips at all and trust me, at just $2 for a large 200g pack, these chips are so worth the money! Heck, they'd still be worth it even if they were a little more expensive than they actually were, I always buy a pack of these chips at least once a week at ALDI

My rating (overall):

Now let's move onto this container of stacked chips, this one is part of Sprinters' 'Snack Stack' range of potato chips, this is the original salted flavour:

the texture of these chips were perfect too, they had a lovely soft crunch to them and were seasoned well, each chip was decently seasoned with salt. However, since they're just regular salted flavour chips with salt being the primary seasoning, these chips can become a little too salty to the palate if you eat alot or too much of them by themselves without a beverage, so I would recommend you consume any regular salted chips with some water or a beverage just to water-down the saltiness of the chips to make them more palatable if you want to eat alot of them.
These stacked potato chips were really lip-smackingly delectable too although, they are basically exactly the same as the popular Pringles chips actually; they have exactly the same shape & size, texture and flavours, the only real difference between the Pringles chips and these Sprinters stacked chips is that they're marketed under different brand names, but these chips are virtually the same basically. So if you love Pringles chips, then you are going to love these Sprinters stacked chips from ALDI too And they are also much cheaper than Pringles chips, here in Australia, a regular 150g pack of Pringles chips cost about $3 - $5, but these Sprinters stacked chips only cost a small fraction of the price, they come in 160g packs and only cost $1.80 each, so you get more chips for much cheaper price, another great bargain!

My rating (overall):

These yummy Sprinters stacked potato chips are also available in sour cream & onion flavour:

this flavour is less salty but more flavoursome than the original salted flavour, and are just as delectable and perfect in texture, and the seasonings were quite accurate in flavour.
I am not sure if these Sprinters stacked chips are available in other flavours, but original salted and sour cream & onion are the only 2 flavours from Sprinters 'Snack Stack' range currently available at my local ALDI supermarket, so I couldn't resist to buy both
My fiance and I both love these Sprinters stacked potato chips varieties too, and we would buy them regularly

My rating (overall):

ALDI don't just make their own snacks, they make practically everything and anything, from snacks and other foodstuffs to haircare, skincare, their own cleaning products, ALDI even makes their own range of baby products too, they make everything! And alot of their products are comparable in quality to many of the more expensive mainstream brands products sold in other supermarkets, but at much cheaper & affordable prices. And they have many stores worldwide, so if there's an ALDI discount supermarket near where you live, then I highly recommend you check out their stores, you'll always find alot of great bargains in their stores!

Until next time, ciao!
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Hello, keep going with your reviews! They're great! :) looking forward to reading more!!!
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@ Eric: thank you for visiting my blog! I'm glad you like my reviews!v-411
2015.08.05 07:20 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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