Caramel Corn - Milk & Matcha Milk corn puffs

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Hi everyone! Again it's been several months since I last updated this blog, I'm really sorry, I have to admit I haven't been in the mood to review food in recent months, which is why I have left this blog 'dormant' for so long. But since I still have photos saved on my computer of numerous different snacks and food that have yet to be reviewed, I decided it's about time I finally posted some new food reviews.
And since the last time I reviewed about Tohato's 'Caramel Corn' snacks was almost 2 years ago, I decided to review more Caramel Corn snacks today, and this time I will be reviewing both the Milk and Matcha Milk flavours

firstly I'll start with this Matcha Milk flavour:
as usual the corn puffs had a lovely soft crunchy texture, they're soft enough to melt in your mouth but still hard enough to crunch on them, there's really nothing to complain about the texture of the corn puffs themselves. However I do have a small issue with the flavouring of the corn puffs though, the matcha flavour was too subtle for my liking, I was barely able to taste a small trace of matcha flavour, it was almost non-existent. Although the bitterness of matcha is often drastically watered-down when it's mixed with milk, and this packet of CC snacks was suppose to be of matcha milk flavour afterall, and NOT matcha alone, so I did not expect the matcha flavour to be particularly strong anyway. But even so, the matcha flavour was still much too weak for me, even for matcha milk flavour. So I would've liked more matcha flavour to be infused into those corn puffs to balance out the sweetness, but because the matcha flavour was much too subtle, the balance of flavours was inconsistent and the sweetness was too dominating.
Overall these matcha milk flavoured CC corn puffs were still quite yummy, they had perfect texture and crunch; not too hard and not too soft, and although the matcha flavour was too weak, the corn puffs were still nicely sweet and yummy. I would give this a full 5 stars if the matcha flavour were stronger, but I'll gladly buy this again

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto this Milk flavour:

the texture of the corn puffs were as usual; nicely soft and crunchy, not much to comment on that. As for the flavour, well, milk naturally has a mild flavour so I did not expect the milk flavour to be strong and it wasn't, and the flavour of the corn puffs wasn't exactly "milky" either, they tasted mainly sugary sweet, much like the original flavoured CC snacks, but slightly less sweet than the original CC flavour snacks, I think it could be because the sugary sweetness was slightly diluted by the use of the milk powder. I tasted an inbalanced combination of sugary sweetness and a slight "milky" flavour. Even so, I liked this one better than the Matcha milk flavour.
Overall, these milk flavoured CC corn puffs were really nice, they were not too overly sweet, I will be happy to buy this one again too

My rating (overall):

Ok that's all for my reviews today, I still have several other snacks & food that are waiting to be reviewed, but as usual, I'm not sure when exactly I'll update this blog again, but hopefully it won't be another several months from now! I'll try to post some more food reviews sometime in the next few weeks.

Until next time, ciao!

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