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To coincide with the release of the new Sailor Moon reboot anime titled Sailor Moon Crystal that was made to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of this famous manga/anime franchise last year, there has been ALOT of new official SM merchandise of all sorts being released since as early as late 2013, and more merchandise are still being released now and in the coming months! Among the now countless number of new SM merchandise are numerous different food products, including different types of sweets & confectionery, and even these packets of Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips, which I will be reviewing today

These new tortilla chips are produced by Japanese snack company Koikeya and were just recently released earlier this month. There are 3 different flavours available and each flavour comes in 6 different packagings, each packaging with a different Sailor Senshi on them, all 5 of the inner Senshis are available as well as Tuxedo Mask. I bought all 3 flavours of these tortilla chips online at, the packagings were selected randomly so I didn't know which Senshis I was getting until I received them, apparently I got Sailor Mercury (she's my favorite!), Mars and Venus

Since there are 3 different flavours I will review them separately, I'll start with this Bagnacauda anchovy & garlic flavour that has Sailor Mars on the packaging:

these little bite-sized tortilla chips were so yummy, the chips were very crunchy in texture and nicely seasoned, not too much and not too little, I could taste some anchovy flavour and saw what I thought were little pieces of dried anchovy embedded in the chips, which was what probably brought out much of the anchovy flavour, I couldn't quite taste much of the garlic flavour though, but the seasonings still further enhanced the overall flavours.
Overall these tortilla chips were very flavorsome and lip-smackingly delectable, they make great snacks to munch on anytime of the day and anywhere, and would complement any drink, or just munch on them by themselves

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto the Avocado & cheese flavour with Sailor Venus on the packaging:

again the texture of the chips were very pleasantly crunchy as they should be, however the flavouring of the chips were not as prominently executed compared to the anchovy & garlic flavour...the avocado flavour was so subtle it was virtually non-existent, at least I could not taste the avocado flavour at all, even though you can clearly see the green tinge of the chips. Or perhaps it's just because avocado naturally has a very mild flavour, so it's difficult to bring out that flavour without the use of flavour enhancers, especially when it's coupled with an ingredient that has a stronger flavour like cheese. The cheese flavour was definitely more dominant in comparison, I also saw little tiny pieces of cheese embedded in the chips, even so the cheese flavour was not too strong, it was actually rather subtle too.
Overall the flavouring of these avocado & cheese flavour tortilla chips were certainly milder and less prominent compared to the anchovy & garlic flavour, but the chips were still so delectable I didn't care that much about the accuracy of the flavourings

My rating (overall):

And finally let's move onto this Sailor Mercury packet that is Balsamic & grilled pork flavour:

as soon as I opened the packet I was welcomed by the smell of balsamic vinegar, and as I popped the first chip into my mouth, the pleasant taste of balsamic literally bursted in my mouth, there's no doubt the flavourings for this one was alot stronger and more prominent compared to the other 2 flavours, and I was very pleased about that. The balsamic flavour was so prominent, yet still not too overwhelmingly strong, although I couldn't really taste the pork flavour, probably because it was dominated by the much stronger balsamic flavour, so again the flavours were not particularly well-balanced.
Overall, again these chips were really yummy, not only were they so pleasantly crunchy in texture, but the flavours for this one were definitely the most prominently executed among all 3 packs. I think this one is my favorite!

My rating (overall):

I will definitely buy these Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips again! That is as long as they don't run out of stock!

I also bought a box of new Sailor Moon sweets set (top in photo below) that includes chocolates and biscuits from, I will review those chocolates & biscuits next time

You can also watch my video haul uploaded for the sweets set & tortilla chips

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