Lotte 'Pie no Mi' chocolate & Furuta 'Creamy & Crispy Pie' pastry cookies

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My last update was a little over 3 weeks ago, since I was only updating once every few months for the past 8 months, I think this would be considered an improvement, and as I promised last time, I will be returning to the glorious world of Japanese junk food! I'll also be reviewing 2 snacks today, I figured in order to save space for the blog, it would be better to post 2 reviews at a time from now on, it would also compensate for the slower updates
So today I will be reviewing 2 snacks I bought from Maruyu Japanese supermarket last week.

The first snack I will be reviewing about is this pack of 'Pie no Mi' snack manufactured by Lotte, 'Pie no Mi' is a popular snack brand of puff pastry biscuits/cookies with various chocolate fillings inside, I love them they're really delectable this is actually my second review on 'Pie no Mi' snacks, my first review for the brand was for the strawberry cheesecake flavour back in March of 2012, this is the original milk chocolate flavour:
The puff pastry cookies were very crispy and flaky, like puff pastry should be, and there were some caramelised sugar granules on top of the cookies, which gave the cookies a nice complementing sweetness, the sweetness from the sugar was not too strong, but mild enough to complement the puff pastry cookies. The chocolate filling inside was also good, although it had solidified instead of being soft and smooth, but that didn't bother me much.
Overall these milk chocolate 'Pie no Mi' cookies were really yummy, definitely better than the strawberry cheesecake flavour I reviewed in the past, they are certainly worth coming back for more!

My rating (overall):

Now let's move on to this pack of 'Creamy & Crispy Pie' pastry cookies manufactured by Furuta, this was my first time trying anything from this particular company, so I didn't know what to expect, but the product seemed appetizing enough on the package and it was on sale at Maruyu at the time:

as you can see they're not really "pies" (at least not in the conventional sense in the western world) they are actually cookies made of pastry, but in Japan however, pastry cookies like these are apparently called 'pies', I don't know why. But with my many years of observing Japanese culture & pop culture, I've come to realise that the Japanese sometimes use certain english words differently to how they're normally used in the western world, which results in the disparity of the meanings for certain words or names in Japan.
Anyway, so these cookies were also made of puff pastry, they actually resemble French butterfly pastries aka Palmiers, they probably are anyway, the many layers of pastry shaping the cookies gave them some nice texture and soft crunch and crispiness, the cookies also had a subtle but pleasant amount of buttery taste. There were also caramelised sugar granules coating the outer edges of the cookies which helped to add some sweetness to the cookies and balance out the buttery taste.
The only complaint I have about these pastry cookies is that on the package it clearly markets the cookies as "creamy & crispy", they were certainly crispy, but not "creamy" at all.
Overall, despite the partially misleading label on the package, the pastry cookies themselves were very delectable too with nice textures and flavours, I would happily buy them again in the future
My rating (overall):

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