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My goodness! I hadn't updated this blog in 2 whole months! I'm so very sorry for 'abandoning' this blog YET AGAIN for so long, to be completely honest with you all, I have to admit that during these past 2 months, my life has just been so busy and I was occupied with my other blogs that I had sort of 'forgotten' about this blog (just so you know, I have 5 different blogs)! So to make it up to you all for the lack of updates, I'll be posting 2 reviews again today
I was briefly sifting through this blog when I noticed that the last time I reviewed about my favourite chocolate biscuit stick snack brand Pocky was nearly 2 YEARS AGO! I was shocked to say the least I thought to myself, just how could it have been 2 YEARS since I last reviewed about my all-time favourite snack brand?! It didn't make sense to me considering I often binge on these Pocky snacks almost every other week! However, being the forgetful person that I am, I must've forgotten to review them. But it's true that I've neglected to review these Pocky snacks for 2 years, so I decided it's high time I do so again...before I forget again! xP

Anyway, so today I will review a very new release from the Pocky snack brand and a very old release, firstly the new release, I bought this pack of Matcha flavoured chocolate biscuit sticks from Pocky's new 'Midi' range at Maruyu Japanese supermarket last week:

Pocky's 'Midi' series is still relatively new and only debuted in the Japanese market sometime late last year and since this is still a new range, currently there's only a few flavours available in the 'Midi' series. The biscuit sticks in this new 'Midi' range are basically miniature versions of the regular size Pocky chocolate biscuit sticks; they are only half the size of the regular Pocky sticks, but unlike the regular Pocky sticks, the biscuit sticks in the new 'Midi' range are double-coated with chocolate in order to compensate for the smaller size of the biscuit sticks (compared to the regular single coating for the normal size Pocky sticks) On the day I went to Maruyu last week, they only had the Pocky 'Midi' snacks in this Matcha flavour and the regular milk chocolate flavour, I decided to go for this matcha flavour since I love matcha and matcha flavoured snacks
Anyway, let's move onto the review itself shall we?
Let's start of with the basic; the biscuit sticks themselves which are the standard for every Pocky snack, as usual, each biscuit stick had a lovely nice crunch to them, not too soft and not too hard, there's really not much to comment on them really. Since the star of every Pocky snack is the chocolate coating, and that certainly is the case again for these mini Matcha Pocky sticks, because of the double-coating of the matcha chocolate covering 80% of each stick, the choc coating is much more substantial and infused with rich matcha flavour, but still retaining alot of the sweetness of the choc. The texture and consistency of the matcha choc coating was very smooth and the matcha flavour balanced very well with the sweetness of the choc.
Overall, these mini Matcha chocolate biscuit sticks from Pocky's new 'Midi' series were very delectable indeed and more substantial than the regular Pocky stick snacks, if you love Pocky snacks, then you are going to love these new matcha 'Midi' Pocky sticks too!

My rating (overall):

Now moving onto the Praline Chocolate flavour biscuit sticks from Pocky's old 'Chocola on Chocola' range:

It's been years since I last reviewed about a release from Pocky's 'Chocola on Chocola' series, so I'm sure some of the readers here either don't remember or are not familiar with this particular series. Well, before I start on the review, let me just explain that the snacks in Pocky's 'Chocola on Chocola' series were very popular, the biscuit sticks in this particular range were the same size as the normal full size Pocky sticks, but they are double-coated, which is why they were so popular. Each biscuit stick in the 'Chocola on Chocola' range contained a base coat of chocolate covering 80% of each stick, and then an additional second layer of choc on top in a decorative pattern. Hence the name of the series 'Chocola on Chocola' which means "chocolate on chocolate" Although I have to point out that the 'Chocola on Chocola' series is so old that it was first released some years ago and I have not been able to find them on supermarket shelves in Japan since last year, and the 'Chocola on Chocola' series have all been deleted from Pocky's official website, so these reasons have lead me to believe that this particular series may have already been discontinued. Even so, a good Japanese friend of mine managed to find this pack of Praline chocolate flavour Pocky from the discontinued 'Chocola on Chocola' series about 8 months ago, she had sent it to me as part of a snack package swap with me But I had not opened it until last week when it was nearing its expiry date!

Now onto the review, since this pack of Praline choc Pocky was nearing its expiry date by the time I decided to finally open it, I was expecting the quality of the sticks to be very stale by then but surprisingly in all honesty, they really weren't...although yes the texture and flavour of the biscuit sticks themselves had inevitably became abit stale, but not by too much. But what I was most surprised by were the double-chocolate coatings, surprisingly they still retained most of their freshness Anyway, so the base layer of the chocolate coatings was the praline choc, although it was pleasantly sweet, but it wasn't very accurately executed. I mean, sure I was able to taste the chocolate, but I was not able to taste any nutty or sugary syrupy flavours that you normally would taste in conventional pralines, all I tasted from the praline choc coating was chocolate, so that was slightly disappointing. Or maybe by "Praline", the makers at Ezaki Glico (the company that manufactures Pocky snacks) were actually aiming for the flavour fundamentals of 'Belgium Pralines'; which are entirely different to the conventional praline that most people are familiar with. Unlike American & French praline which are more widely known, Belgium pralines are actually different and are more commonly known to the rest of the world as 'Chocolate Bonbons'. Or perhaps the subtle nutty & caramelized sugary flavours of praline were masked by the second layer of decorative choc coating on top which was made of dark choc, and dark choc is naturally stronger in flavour because of its higher cocoa content. That could explain why I was not able to taste any nutty or sugary flavours in the praline choc base layer underneath the dark choc coating.
Overall, these Praline choc Pocky sticks were very good too, although the praline choc base coating was not entirely accurate in terms of execution of flavours, but I thought it still complemented the richer dark choc coating on top of it. And because of the double-chocolate coating in Pocky's 'Chocola on Chocola' range, they contained 70% more chocolate than the regular Pocky sticks

My rating (overall):

Ok, so that's it for today, I'll try to update more frequently from now on...until next time, sayonara!

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