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Since I had been too busy and only posted 1 food review last month, I decided to post 2 food reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates.

Today I will be reviewing some pre-made packed Japanese Mochis I bought from Maruyu supermarket about 3 weeks ago, however they were not made in Japan, they were actually manufactured by a Taiwanese company called Royal Family. I have bought pre-made mochis from this company before and had even reviewed about their matcha mochi back in 2010. In my opinion, they make some of the best packed Japanese mochis and since I am familiar with this company, I did not hesitate to buy 2 packets of their peanut and taro mochis at Maruyu.

I will start with the Taro mochis:

the texture and consistancy of the mochis were extremely soft and stretchy, so much so that they stretched as I tried to lift them out of the plastic tray. The filling was taro paste, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well the flavour of the taro was executed into the mochi, although the taro flavour from the filling wasn't too strong, but it was still substantial enough, and the taro flavour infused into the soft mochis further enhanced the overall flavour. The mochis were also coated with a faint layer of icing sugar.
Overall, these taro mochis were very good, among the many taro sweets & snacks I have tasted over the years with dismal to mediocre results, these taro mochis from Royal Family are among the rare ones which I thought were actually well executed overall.
My rating (overall):

Now let's move onto the peanut mochi:
compared to the taro mochis, the texture of these peanut mochis was less soft and they were slightly chewer. The filling was peanut paste which had a pleasant substantial nutty flavour, and the addition of the peanut powder coating the mochis further enhanced the overall rich peanut flavour.
However I do have 2 very minor complaints about these peanut mochis, firstly I thought there wasn't enough peanut paste filling, I would've prefered to have just a little more filling, and I still prefer the softer and stretchier texture of the taro mochis. But like I mentioned before, these are just very minor disappointments.
Overall these peanut mochis were also delectable, and despite the minor disappointments, the rich nutty flavour from the peanut filling and powder more than made up for the downsides
My rating (overall):

Well to be honest, the main reason why I bought these 2 packets of mochi was because they were so cheap! Maruyu was selling them for only AU$2.50 for 2 packets! This just goes to show the stark contrast in price differences between authentic Japanese snacks and snacks manufactured in other asian countries. Snacks from other Asian countries tend to sell for dirt cheap, but authentic Japanese snacks & confectioneries (meaning snacks that are actually made in Japan) in comparison usually costs at least twice as much. The truth is, Japanese snacks are not expensive at all, at least not in Japan, in Japan they are actually very cheap. But once they are exported overseas, their prices suddenly sky-rocket, this is because it's more expensive to import products from Japan. So overseas shops need to significantly increase their prices for the Japanese snacks they sell in order to make a profit from them...thus, authentic Japanese snacks are much less affordable & consumed overseas than other Asian snacks. Which is a pity, because Japan make alot of very yummy snacks, but they are just too expensive for the average overseas person to buy on a regular basis.
And I'm sure I have mentioned before in a previous post that authentic Japanese snacks are also much less readily available overseas than other asian snacks. Although, many of Japan's largest snack & confectionery manufacturers such as Glico and Meiji do have branches in other parts of the world, so they still do make alot of snacks for the overseas market, but these snacks are manufactured by the various overseas branches of these companies. For example, most of Glico's famous 'Pocky' and 'Pretz' biscuit stick snacks you find in Asian groceries overseas are actually manufactured by the company's Shanghai branch in China and Bangkok branch in Thailand. Hence I do not really consider them to be "authentic" Japanese snacks, since they are not made in Japan, even though they are still manufactured by Japanese companies. But this also means that these Japanese snacks made in the overseas branches are much cheaper than their original Japanese counterparts.

Bottom line is that Japanese snacks ARE actually popular's just that most of these familiar Japanese snacks that people overseas tend to buy are actually not made in Japan, as they are much more affordable than their original counterparts which ARE made in Japan.
But for me personally, I love my 'Pocky' and 'Pretz' snacks, regardless of whether they are made by Glico's Japan branch or overseas branches!

I do apologise for my long rant, I'm sure some of you might have found it to be a bit tedious to read! XD well, before I bore you any further, I better stop my's already almost 11:40pm here in Australia so I think it's bedtime now for me as I still need to go to work tomorrow.
Until next time, good night everyone! Oyasumi!

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