Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Chicken crackers

Posted by Linda on 06. 2013 0 comments
Now let's return to the diverse world of Japanese snacks, lately I've been craving alot of snacks from Bourbon's popular 'Petit' series, I can't help it, they're just too irresistably yummy! So today I will be reviewing another treat from this delectable mini snack series, and it will be another savoury snack, mini chicken crackers!

these petit doughnut-shape crackers had a very good texture; crunchy and crispy but not too hard, and very nicely seasoned and flavoured. As for the flavour itself, I read the ingredients printed at the back of the packaging and it stated that chicken extract was used, however it was not specific, so I'm not quite sure just what kind of chicken extract they had used...was it chicken powder? Or had they cooked the chicken and used the juices extracted from the meat? However, I suspect it's probably the latter. Either way, the chicken was definitely infused into in the flavouring, as I was able to taste the chicken flavour, although not too strong, but the crackers were still very flavorsome.

Overall these mini chicken crackers were very nice, the flavours and the crunchiness of the crackers really complemented each other. Although they are not quite as yummy as the mini Potato chips, but these chicken crackers are still lip-smackingly delectable; crunchy and flavoursome and great to munch on anytime anywhere! Would I buy these mini chicken crackers again? Yes absolutely! I think these crackers have even become another one of my favourite snacks from the 'Petit' series!

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