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I bought this 500g strawberry cake from my local ALDI discount supermarket for only $5, which was a huge bargain for a cake of this size. Ever since the new ALDI supermarket was opened in my suburb some months ago, I've been buying most of my groceries mainly from there, I'm glad I switched to ALDI, they certainly live up to their reputation as a worldwide discount supermarket chain, everything is so much cheaper at ALDI compared to all the other supermarket outlets in Australia! Although there's still certain products ALDI don't sell or only have inferior quality of, so I still occasionally buy these products from my local Woolworths supermarket or Big W discount department store.

Anyway, these strawberry cakes from The Cake Stall are surprisingly quite difficult to buy because apparently they sell out very quickly, usually you have to be at the ALDI store during the morning to get your hands on one of these cakes, because they tend to sell out by noon, or sometimes even earlier than that. And I have never seen any of The Cake Stall's products at other supermarkets, which leads me to believe that it is probably another brand exclusive only to ADLI.
Curious about its apparent popularity, I decided to try this strawberry cake and find out for myself what all the fuss was about, and it looked appetising enough anyway:

firstly to the cake itself, I noticed there were some tiny pieces of REAL strawberry infused into the cake which was good as they helped to enhance the overall strawberry flavour. The cake also had a nice pink tinge, although I'm not sure whether that was because they had used any artificial colouring, or that it was due to the intensity of the real strawberry bits baked into the cake. Unfortunately I forgot to read the ingredients printed on the packaging so I don't know what all the ingredients were used to make the cake. But since artificial food colouring is commonly used in baking cakes, I suspect at least some pink food colouring was mixed into the batter for the strawberry cake, because the pink tinge seemed a little artificial to me.
As for the white icing on the cake, it was thick and very substantial, but a little bit too sweet for my taste, I think the makers of the cake had used a bit too much sugar for the icing. And since I ate the cake straight from the fridge, instead of being soft and creamy, unfortunately the texture of the white icing was hard and abit difficult to cut through with my fork, but I suppose that was my own fault since I did not let the cake thaw before I ate it. The pink icing decoration at the top of the cake also contained tiny bits of freeze-dry strawberry, further enhancing the overall strawberry flavour even more. But the sweetness of the white sugar icing was still more dominant, causing the balance between the sweetness of the sugar and the strawberry to be inconsistent.
To me, the only major disappointment about the cake was its texture & consistency; it was abit too dry and crumbly...but perhaps that was also the effect of being refrigerated and not being allowed to thaw beforehand? However, even if I had let the cake thaw after I took it out of the fridge, the texture of the cake would still be a little too dry.

Overall, I thought the cake was decent, it certainly had a decent amount of strawberry flavour, but unfortunately not enough to balance out the sweetness of the sugar icing. And the texture of the cake was too dry.
Considering the popularity of these strawberry cakes, I had quite high expectations from them, but sadly the cake I bought fell abit short of my expectations. But it was by no means a "bad" cake, however it's not a "great" cake either. The cake was decent, and I don't think it quite lives up to its popularity. But since this cake was bought from a supermarket, it might be considered 'good' on supermarket standards, as we all know that most cakes bought in the supermarkets tend to be inferior quality compared to more expensive cakes from bakeries and cake shops.

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