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For anyone who has followed my food review blog for quite some time will know that I don't often post reviews about food & snacks that are NOT from Japan, but that does not mean I don't like snacks from the rest of the world. There's no doubt I love Japanese food and snacks, but as a food junkie, pigging on snacks has always been a guilty pleasure of mineregardless of which country these snacks come from. Although I mostly post reviews about various food (mainly snacks & sweets) from Japan, in reality I probably eat non-Japanese snacks more frequently, this is because authentic Japanese snacks & sweets are much harder and rarer to find outside Japan, they are mainly only available at authentic Japanese groceries (and there are not too many of them outside Japan anyway)...whereas you can find Western and other Asian snacks virtually everywhere. I think it's because Japanese snacks are so limited & harder to find outside Japan that makes them uniquely different and more interesting for me to review about
However I always try not to forget to review the various non-Japanese snacks at least once in a while (even though I can be quite forgetful at times)...however, since it has been more than a year since I last posted a review about a snack that is not from Japan, I decided it's about time I do so again...before I forget again!

Anyway, staying in the Asia region of the world, today I will be reviewing a snack I bought from my local Chinese grocery called 'Choco Roll' by Imei; it's a Taiwanese confectionery manufacturer. I saw only 2 different flavours of the Choco Roll on the self in the snack aisle so I bought both, this is the taro flavour:
basically they were wafer rolls filled with a taro filling and coated with white chocolate, the taro filling had a powdery texture and consistency, when I read the list of ingredients in the back of the box, I realised that taro powder was indeed used, so I assumed that the taro filling was the taro powder.
I will comment on the taro filling first, which unfortunately was a big disappointment...even with its impressive and relatively accurate colour, the powdery filling was basically tasteless; I could not taste any trace of taro, in fact, my taste buds were not able to detect any sort of flavour at all in the filling, the flavour was just bland and much too subtle.
But despite the disappointing taro filling, there were some upsides to these Choco rolls too; the wafers were crispy with a nice soft crunch to them, and the white chocolate coating was substantially thick and sweet. No doubt the wafers and white chocolate coating were the only form of redemption for these choco rolls. However, because of the bland and tasteless flavour of the taro filling, the balance of flavours was very inconsistent, which meant that the only flavour I was really able to taste was the sweetness from the white chocolate coating.
But in the manufacturer's defence, it's always not easy to incorporate taro in a confectionery and execute the taro flavour effectively without using any sort of artificial flavour enhancer since taro itself naturally has a very subtle flavour. This is why I am often quite wary about taro flavoured sweets and snacks.
After a while though, the sweetness from the white chocolate became a little too excessive for me so I ate about 3/4 of the choco rolls and gave the rest to my fiance.

Overall these taro choco rolls were decent, the wafer rolls were very nice and crispy and the white chocolate coating was quite good, very substantial but a little too sweet for my taste after a while, I loved the wafer rolls the most. The only let-down of the whole product was that bland taro powdery filling; which in my opinion, should have been the star of the whole snack, but sadly it wasn't. Would I want to buy these taro choco rolls again? Probably not.

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