Bourbon 'Petit' series - mini Black cocoa & Kinako biscuits!

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Since I had literally abandoned this blog (again) for more than a month, I decided to post 2 snack reviews today to make up for the lack of recent updates and yes, today I will be reviewing 2 more snacks from Bourbon's 'Petit' series, I just can't help it, I love these little yummy delights too much!

Today I will be reviewing the petit black cocoa cookies/biscuits and the kinako wafer biscuits from the series, firstly here's the mini black cocoa biscuits:

these cute little biscuits are basically cocoa biscuits with white vanilla cream in the center, they are like a miniature version of the famous 'Oreo' biscuits...but the flavours and textures are abit different. I think these mini cocoa biscuits have a slightly softer texture and are slightly less sweet compared to the standard Oreo biscuits, however the flavours were very good. And the high concentration of the cocoa content gave the biscuits a very nice rich black colour.
Overall, although these mini black cocoa biscuits are very basic, they were still yummy nonetheless, the texture of the biscuits was good; not too hard and not too soft with a nice soft crunch to them, and the balance of the sweetness was perfect; not too sweet. These biscuits have also become 1 of my favorite snack types in Bourbon's 'Petit' series!

My rating (overall):

now let's move onto the mini Kinako wafer biscuits...

Kinako is japanese roasted soybean flour, it's a very popular ingredient used in traditional Japanese Wagashi sweets, but in recent years has become increasingly popular in modern commercial snacks too. Since kinako is made by roasting soybeans first, the flour of the finish product has a very pleasant somewhat roasted nutty flavour, which is why kinako is such a popular ingredient used in sweets. I personally LOVE kinako myself and tend to love alot of sweets & snacks that has kinako in its ingredients, so of course I was initially ecstatic about these petit kinako biscuits, and I still am, because these biscuits are just so irresistably delectable! The little wafers were soft and crispy, but the star of these biscuits is definitely the kinako cream sandwiched between the wafers. The combination of the sweetness of the cream and the slight roasted nutty flavour of the kinako really complemented each other and balanced the flavours perfectly The sweetness from the kinako cream was not too strong whilst still staying true to the kinako flavour, as I was still able to taste the mild nutty roasted soybean flavour in the cream.
Overall, these mini kinako wafer biscuits are absolutely delectable, and I am not being bias, they truly are yummy! and yes, I'm sure you all can guess by now that these kinako biscuits are among my favorites in the 'Petit' series too! I shop at Maruyu japanese grocery about once every fortnight, and I always have to buy at least 1 packet of these yummy kinako biscuits every time I'm there!

My rating (overall):

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