Caramel Corn - Peach corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 29. 2013 0 comments
Another food review for these delectable 'Caramel Corn' puff snacks, this time I will be reviewing this Peach flavour, it was a actually a special edition released on Hinamatsuri, also known as 'Girl's Day' or 'Doll's day'; a festival that is celebrated annually in Japan on March 3rd. I can't remember which year specifically that this Hinamatsuri edition peach flavour was released, but I think it might've been earlier this year or last year at the earliest.

to make these peach flavour corn puffs extra special, each pack contains these puffs in 2 colours; pink and the standard cream colour, the flavours were exactly the same though.
I'll start with the corn puffs themselves first, as expected the puffs had the perfect consistency and texture; soft but still lightly crunchy and decent sized. The flavours were quite true too, I read the ingredients on the back of the packaging and it stated that they had used peach juice, I was certainly able to taste the sweetness of peach from the corn puffs, however I thought the peach flavour just wasn't strong enough, they could have concentrated it abit more. Of course the corn puffs still had a lot of sweetness with the standard use of sugar and caramel sauce, but the peach flavour somewhat paled in comparison to the sugary sweetness. So I would've preferred if the makers at Tohato had infused a bit more peach flavour into those corn puffs just to balance out the sweetness.
And as I pointed out in the beginning, both coloured corn puffs tasted exactly the same, they just used artificial colouring to give some of the puffs that pink tinge.

Overall this was a nice flavour, executed quite well and I still enjoyed savoring many of the corn puffs in the packaging (I shared some of the puffs with my fiance). My only complaint is that there just wasn't enough peach flavour in the corn puffs to my liking, but that's just a very minor setback, I think the amount of peach flavour in the puffs was still quite substantial, so other people might think the amount is enough.

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