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Last time I did promise to review some of the Japanese snacks I had bought at Maruyu last week, so true to my word, here is my first food review in 7 months! for today's food review I chose this pack of blueberry & custard cream Daifuku (japanese rice cake) manufactured by Kido:

I love Japanese-style sweets & Wagashi such as Daifuku and Dango (japanese sweet dumplings on skewers), and Maruyu sells a range of different flavours of daifuku from Kido. But on the day I went to Maruyu, this blueberry & custard cream double pack was the only type on sale that day because it was nearing its 'best before' date. And since I had never tried any product from this particular manufacturer before, I decided to play safe and bought this cheaper pack.

Since there's 2 different flavours in this pack of daifuku, I will review both flavours separately.
Firstly I'll start with the blueberry flavor:

basically the round outer mochi (rice cake) has 2 layers; the first white layer of mochi and the outer layer of mochi was infused with some subtle blueberry flavor and tinged with light pastel purple, I suspect a little bit of food colouring was used. But despite that little drawback, I loved the mochi layers of the daifuku, they were soft and chewy with just the perfect consistency and texture. And the sweetness of the mochi itself was not too strong, it was actually quite mild, and the blueberry flavor was subtle too.
The filling stuffed inside those blueberry daifukus was blueberry jam, which I did not expect, I had initially expected the filling to be some kind of blueberry flavoured paste. The fact that the filling was blueberry jam was quite a disappointment for me, because I don't like any kind of fruit jam, since I've always thought they were a bit too sweet for my taste, I also don't like the lumpy consistency of jam. What's even worse was that the blueberry jam filling was so sweet, it just dominated the whole product, much of the sweetness and blueberry flavor came from the jam filling. The strong flavor of the jam was just too overpowering, so the balance of flavor between the mochi and the filling was inconsistent.

Overall, this blueberry daifuku was quite a letdown for me, I love the mochi layers just fine, everything about the mochi itself was perfect, it had the right consistency and texture, so there is nothing to fault the mochi. What really ruined the daifuku was that overpowering blueberry jam filling, it was just too sweet for me. After consuming just 1 piece of the blueberry daifuku, I gave the rest to my fiance, because I could not tolerate the overwhelming sweetness of the blueberry jam anymore and the fact that I dislike fruit jams in general.

My rating (overall):

Secondly, let's move onto the custard cream daifuku:

this custard daifuku also had a white layer of mochi, with a clear outer mochi layer, the filling inside is custard cream of course, and for me, this was a vast improvement from the blueberry daifuku. Again, the consistency and texture of the mochi layers were perfect; soft and chewy with subtle amounts of sweetness. The custard filling was also very nice, it was creamy and was not overly sweet. Compared to the blueberry daifuku, the flavours and sweetness of the mochi and the custard filling was much more balanced.

Overall these custard cream daifukus were much better than the blueberry ones for me, like I pointed out before, the sweetness and flavours of the custard daifukus were more balanced, and so were the consistencies and textures. I happily devoured all the custard daifukus in the pack and was rather disappointed when I realised there were none left! I wanted more!

My rating (overall):

Seriously, I wish the manufacturer Kido would pack their blueberry and custard cream daifukus separately, I would gladly devour a whole pack of their custard daifukus! but when my hunger is calling and I'm snacking on food, I can seriously do without those blueberry daifukus.

So here's my new LONG overdue food review, hope you all enjoy reading it I still have several more snacks I bought at Maruyu to review, so hopefully my next food review will be posted by the end of this week.

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@ Sarah: Hi thanks for visiting my blog! I'm not exactly sure if these daifukus are vegan, I think the blueberry ones are vegan but probably not the custard daifukus, since the custard filling does contain milk and eggs.
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