Caramel Corn - Matcha & Black honey corn puffs

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I found this matcha & black honey flavored 'Caramel Corn' at Tokyomart during my last shopping trip there, and since Caramel Corn is one of my favorite snacks, of course I was keen to grab a pack of this, also because this was 1 of the few flavors of CC that I had not tried before:
firstly to the corn puff curls themselves, they were just as they should be in terms of texture; soft with a light crunch to them and rather melty in your mouth, there was nothing to fault about the corn puffs themselves.
The let-down was the flavor, I was able to taste the caramel sweetness which is a staple in all CC snacks...however being marketed as a matcha with black honey flavor, naturally one would expect to taste at least some degree of matcha flavor in these corn puffs, but unfortunately my taste buds could not detect ANY trace of the bitterness and essence of matcha, either the matcha flavor was too weak to be detected or it was non-existent to begin with. As for the green tinge of the corn puffs, perhaps it's the effect of some food coloring or some other kind of artificial coloring? Because I am sure I did not taste any trace of matcha in the corn puffs. Instead, my taste buds were able to detect a peculiar taste that I couldn't quite make out, I'm not sure what it was, but it was a very odd taste and it wasn't particularly pleasant. I've also never tasted black honey before so I am not sure whether or not it tastes exactly the same as regular honey or whether it has a slightly stronger flavor, however I am sure I definitely tasted the sweet flavor from the corn puffs, amid the peculiar taste, and frankly I felt the different flavors did not blend together well nor did they complemented each other.

I suppose some may think matcha and black honey doesn't sound like a ideal combination of flavors to begin with, but contrary to its marketed name, matcha was a non-existent flavor anyway in this CC release and that was quite a disappointment for me. Another let-down was that odd taste that I was unfamiliar with and frankly did not particularly like.

Overall, this flavor was mediocre at best, certainly NO where near as great as the original CC flavor, but it wasn't "yuck" either. Needless to say, this has become my least liked flavor of CC to date, and I certainly hope there won't be any worse CC flavors out there.

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