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Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
Ever since my last trip to Japan when I visited the ancient city of Kyoto some years ago, and tried some of Kyoto's regional specialties, including these pretty little multicolored Kyoto candies/lollies, I've been quite fascinated by them. You can buy them mainly in Kyoto, there's very little places in other parts of Japan that sell them, let alone outside Japan. But I was a little surprised when I saw these little packets of Kyoto candies selling at, and I wasn't hesitant to order a packet from them

the beauty with these little Kyoto candies is not really their taste, but their appearance, just by looking at them you can see that they are sophisticated and difficult to make, mainly due to all the different patterns and pictures embedded in the center of these candies. I was fortunate to have been able to witness with my very own eyes the making process of these candies, and I have to say, there's really no other reaction you can have but to stare at these dedicated candy makers at work in awe. These candies are made into long candy sticks and then cut into little pieces, but it takes a lot of effort to make just one candy stick, and they are made by carefully molding one layer at a time into shape and it's time-consuming. Another reason why it takes so long to make these little candies is that these are all carefully handmade, unlike many commercial confectioneries in the world these days which are machine-made. Then again, these Kyoto candies are not commercial candies, these are specialty candies, even in Japan these candies are mostly given as gifts, even though they are still reasonably cheap in terms of cost.
As for the taste, well, that would be the downside to these Kyoto candies, with all their beautiful colors, sophisticated designs and patterns and grueling hours spent into making them, these candies taste rather bland and monotonous, the only flavour you'll taste is more or less sugar. So that's a disappointment, how much of a disappointment depends on the individual though.

But as I emphasized before, what really makes these Kyoto candies special is their appearance, all the little colorful layers carefully molded into place one by one to create the patterns/pictures and borders, and then cut into little pieces, they're really like little pieces of artwork. It takes alot of dedicated time and hard work to master this kind of candy-making.

My rating (overall):

The main reasons I gave these candies such a high rating are because of their pretty appearances, colours and complexity, and also taking into consideration the so many grueling hours and efforts the candy makers invest into carefully handmaking these little candies. I would have given these Kyoto candies the highest rating if it wasn't for the bland and monotonous taste.

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