'Kinoko no Yama' cookies - Purple sweet potato

Posted by Linda on 13. 2012 1 comments
'Kinoko no Yama' is the brand name for a popular snack from Meiji, they're basically little "stem" shaped cookies with chocolate on top to replicate the shape of a mushroom, hence its name ('Kinoko' literally means mushroom in japanese). I saw this purple sweet potato flavor at Tokyomart and it sparked my interest, partially because I had tried the original milk chocolate flavor before and quite liked it.

firstly, the "stem" shaped cookies were very nice, they were soft and crunchy, one would happily munch on them just by themselves. The "mushroom cap" shaped chocolate coating on top was white chocolate topped with a layer of purple colored sweet potato choc. Nothing particularly special about the white choc coating, it was just like any other ordinary white chocolate. But the layer of purple sweet potato chocolate was far more substantial, the consistency of the purple choc seemed grainy (as shown in the second photo above), this may be due to the fact that the makers at Meiji had used purple sweet potato powder to flavor the chocolate, as oppose to actual raw extracts from the root vegetable itself. But despite the grainy appearance of the purple sweet potato chocolate layer, the consistency of the choc was actually pleasantly smooth with a substantial amount of sweet potato flavor infused into it.
The flavor of the sweet potato and the sweetness of the chocolate coatings balanced well and complemented together, and the little sesame seeds embedded in the choc coatings added some texture and soft crunch to the choc. I thought the addition of the whole sesame seeds was a nice touch, it complemented the chocolate and cookies perfectly and added that 1 more layer of complexity to the snack, at least for this particular flavor.
No doubt the star of the whole snack is definitely the chocolate coatings, but the cookies were also yummy in their own right.

Overall, a very tasty snack to munch on anytime anywhere, and frankly to me, I think this purple sweet potato flavor far exceeds the original milk chocolate flavor kinoko snack, which I thought wasn't anything particularly special, but this purple sweet potato flavor sure is!

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I really wish I could find this... I can only find the milk chocolate and sometimes white chocolate. I only once saw strawberry, and it was so delicious...
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