Morinaga 'Koeda' - Afogatto chocolate + Meiji 'Fran' - Cereals & milk chocolate sticks

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I'm so sorry for not updating for the past 2 weeks or so, I've been so busy juggling work and my studies and updating my numerous other blogs, I just didn't have the time to update this blog too.
But to make up for my lack of updates in this past 2 weeks or so, today I will be posting not one, but 2 snack reviews it's quite rare for me to post more than 1 review on the same day, so today is definitely a rare occasion

Today I will be reviewing 2 relatively new releases from 2 of Japan's largest snack manufacturers; Meiji and Morinaga (Glico and Lotte being the other largest companies), and they both prominently involve chocolate!
firstly, I bought this newest release flavor of Morinaga's popular chocolate twigs snack 'Koeda' (which literally means 'small twig' in Japanese) in new affogato flavor from Tokyomart:
affogato is a popular Italian coffee-based dessert, basically it's hot espresso coffee poured over a scoop of ice cream or gelato.
Each box of these affogato flavored Koeda contained 11 individually packaged little Koeda chocolate "twigs", there were 4 twigs contained in each individually wrapped package, so 44 twigs in total, which is quite a generous amount for your money. However, if you are a chocolate junkie, then it might not seem enough to you as you'd probably devour the whole pack in no time, I know I did!
As soon as I opened the first little package of Koeda sticks, my senses were immediately welcomed by the pleasant aroma of espresso coffee, the essence of coffee was further enhanced by the rich espresso taste infused into the little chocolate twigs, I was also about to detect a very faint sweetness of what I thought tasted very similar to vanilla ice cream. And the malt puffs embedded throughout each choc twig added a nice soft crunch and texture to the chocolate.
Overall, this was a great new addition to Morinaga's 'Koeda' range of chocolate twig snacks, the flavors were so accurate, the consistency of the chocolate was rich and smooth, and the malt puffs were crispy & crunchy. What more can I say? A beautifully executed confection, I actually think this new affogato flavor is even more substantial than the original milk chocolate Koeda!

My rating (overall):

Now moving on to this new milk chocolate with cereals release for Meiji's popular 'Fran' chocolate biscuit stick snacks:

I was so excited when I saw this new release 'Fran' chocolate biscuit sticks with CEREALS in NapaJapan's catalog a few months ago, so I eagerly ordered it without hesitation and I'm so glad I did, but I have to also add, I was disappointed that I didn't order more of it when I had the chance!
Typical of Meiji's Fran biscuit stick snacks, each stick was 80% covered with 2 layers of chocolate, in this case milk chocolate, the top choc coating in particular was thick, rich and smooth and melted in my mouth. But what makes this new release Fran special and unique to other past Fran releases is that it also contains pieces of REAL crushed whole grain cereals embedded in the chocolate coating! the cereals also helped to give some texture to the chocolate.
If you love Meiji's Fran choc biscuit sticks, then you are going to LOVE this new milk choc with cereals Fran! It's a superior version to other past Fran releases, combining the sweet goodness of chocolate and crunchy biscuit sticks with the nutrients from the whole grain cereals, it's a win-win combination, and a sure-hit snack for all junk food lovers
There is also a white chocolate variant of this new chocolate with cereals Fran, which I definitely plan to try also in the near future.

My rating (overall):

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