Morinaga 'Leafy Pie' - Café au lait

Posted by Linda on 15. 2012 1 comments
I found these boxes of 'Leafy Pie' treats from Morinaga virtually squashed into a less prominent area in the snack aisle during my last trip to Tokyomart. It was the first time I've ever heard of this particular snack from Morinaga but it looked appetizing enough on the package & it sparked my interest, so I grabbed a box and put it in my shopping basket. This was the only flavor they were selling, Café au lait, which is a french coffee with hot milk added in:

they are basically rectangular pieces of puff pastry cookies/biscuits with a layer of café au lait flavored chocolate on top, each pastry cookie were quite decent in size, larger than I had originally expected these cookies to be which was a nice surprise. Because these were made of puff pastry, the texture of the cookies was very light and flaky and crispy, and had a very nice soft crunch to them.
The beige café au lait chocolate coating on the top was also substantial and quite accurate in terms in flavor, I was definitely able to taste the flavor of coffee with milk from the chocolate coating and the little decorative layers of brown milk choc on top balanced out the flavors. There were also some caramelized sugar underneath each piece of pastry cookie, which I thought was a nice touch because they helped to add a bit more texture to the cookies and enhanced the overall sweetness. I found myself craving for more and more of these!but after blissfully devouring the entire pack of these yummy treats, I was left considerably disappointed when I realized there were none left
Overall these cookies were really irresistibly delectable to me and well-balanced; the pastry cookies themselves, the layer of chocolate coating and the caramelized sugars, all blended together and complemented each other well in terms of flavors and textures, creating a really delectable treat to enjoy anytime anywhere.
I am kicking myself now for not grabbing more boxes of these while I had the chance, if I had known they were going to be this yummy, I would've bought more! and without a hint of doubt, these 'Leafy Pie' treats have just been added to my ever-growing list of favorite snack brands

My rating (overall):

The Leafy Pie was delicious. I didnt know they came in other flavours. I got the plain chocolate ones in a supermarket in Aomori and then found them hard to find. I managed to find more and bought 4 boxes to bring home.
I notice the calories were not that high on them but have thrown away the box. Would you happen to still have a box with the nutritional information on it?
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