'Crunky' chocolate - Matcha ice cream

Posted by Linda on 12. 2012 0 comments
Sorry for yet another very slow update, the last few weeks for me has been rather crazy with so many things going on that I haven't had the chance to update this blog.

Anyway it's been soooooo long since I last reviewed about these yummy 'Crunky' chocolate snacks from LOTTE, which is quite surprising considering it's one of those few brands I really fancy from the company, you'd think I would review about them more often. The truth is I hadn't tried any new flavors of it for a long time until recently with my latest order from NapaJapan. I was excited when I saw this new matcha ice cream flavor and since I love matcha ice cream & any matcha flavored sweets, of course I didn't hesitate to order it...however afterwards when I tried it, I was left a bit disappointed...
The box contained 12 individually wrapped smaller pieces of chocolate so you can share the little treats with others.
What I love most about these Crunky chocolate snacks are those little crispy malt puffs embedded throughout the choc, they give the choc some very nice texture, crunchiness and crispiness. This matcha ice cream flavor was no different in terms of the texture due to the malt puffs. The letdown with this particular flavor was the matcha ice cream flavored white chocolate itself. Although you can't really see it in the photo itself because of the lighting & angle, but the chocolates had a very nice tint of soft pastel green, but the flavor was very weak to the point that the matcha flavor was non-existent. Although it's true that the flavor of matcha is significantly reduced when made into ice cream, so I was not expecting the matcha flavor to be particularly strong anyway. However in all those matcha ice creams I've savored over the years, they all retained at least a little bit of matcha flavor, so I was expecting at the very least a hint of matcha flavor in those chocolates, but there wasn't any, not even a little tiny hint of it. Either the matcha flavor was simply non-existent or it was just too weak and overpowered by the sweetness of the chocolate. But the consistency of the chocolates was good, rich and smooth, just the flavor was very lacking.
Overall this was not a particularly good attempt by LOTTE in terms of execution due to the lacking of accurate flavor, but I will give points for the yummy crispy malt puffs & the smooth consistency of the chocolate.
This is no where near as good as any of the other Crunky flavors I've tried over the years, that's for sure.

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