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Posted by Linda on 19. 2012 2 comments
Now returning to the world of Japanese junk food, today I will be reviewing about these popular corn puff snacks called 'Caramel Corn' from Tohato. These Caramel Corn snacks have been in existence for many decades and are among the most popular and renown Japanese snack brands, it is also Tohato's flagship product and most popular brand. Caramel Corn is also on my list of personal favorite snack brands

This is the original Caramel Corn flavor with some roasted peanuts included in the pack:

these Caramel Corn corn puff curls are really delectable, they have a softer texture compared to other corn puff snacks I've taste tested in the past, but they still have a lovely soft crunch to them, and are loaded with caramel flavor. And the nutty flavor of the roasted peanuts really complemented the sweetness of the caramel corn puff curls.
However, depending on the individual, some might find the sweetness of the caramel in these corn puff curls to be a bit too substantial and overwhelming for them. As for me personally though, the sweetness is just at the right amount.
Overall these corn puff snacks are really yummy and flavorsome, there's really no real complaints I have about them.
My fondness for Caramel Corn is such that practically every time I go out and buy Japanese junk food from Asian groceries or order them online, you can be sure to find at least 2 packs of these Caramel Corn snacks in my shopping trolley!

And what I like about the guys at Tohato is that they are generous with their proportions when they pack their Caramel Corn products. Many other snack food manufacturers in the world nowadays are rather stingy & fooling consumers by only filling their packages with the actual product to about half capacity of each package and the remainder is just air. Although outwardly these 91g packets of original Caramel Corn snacks may seem insufficient, but each packet is actually filled with the corn puffs to almost full capacity, so you actually get alot for your money's worth, instead of getting only 50-60% of the actual product, you get 99% of the actual product you spent your money on. And for this reason, I give the guys at Tohato extra points

My rating (overall):

I'm so glad you posted a review about Caramel corn b'cuz it's 1 of my fav snacks too! =D
I agree they're so yummy! My fav is the original flavor & the ramune flavor, have you tried that 1 yet? You have to try the ramune, it's sooooo good! =)
2012.08.20 01:29 | URL | Crystal #- [edit]
Yes I have tried the ramune flavor, it's actually 1 of my favorite Caramel Corn flavors too!e-68

I will review the ramune flavor sometime in the future.
2012.08.20 18:27 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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