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Staying on the western side of the world's overwhelming confectionery market, here's another famous confection manufactured by Mars Inc., for me to review about the 'Bounty' chocolate coconut bar several days ago, anyone who is familiar with the western world of sweets would expect me to review another product from Mars Inc. which is probably so much more renown & popular than the 'Bounty', yes, I am referring to 'Maltesers'!
please excuse the fuzzy photos...

Maltesers are one of my favorite non-Japanese confectionery brands, and that's perhaps understandable to anyone who has ever tasted these yummy balls of chocolaty malt goodnesssoft honeycomb malt fillings covered with rich smooth milk chocolate. The smooth sweet milk choc was melty in my mouth and the honeycomb malts helps to add texture to the chocolate as you savour each ball. The makers at Mars Inc. claims that the malt centers of these Maltesers contains less saturated fats than regular chocolate centers, defining these Maltesers as a more healthier option compared to most other chocolate confections, which is all the more reason to love these little malt choc balls!
Overall, for me personally these Maltesers are just irresistible! It's one of the few non-Japanese confections that has me coming back for more time and time again, there is really nothing I can fault about Maltesers as a product itself. Although, I do wish the makers at Mars Inc. would be more creative with the variants of Maltesers. Apart from the regular milk chocolate and white choc flavors, I don't recall Mars Inc. ever releasing any other kinds of flavors. Come on, just 2 flavors is hardly enough, how about strawberry chocolate Maltesers? Or Caramel choc?
Aside from the very limited variant, there's nothing I can complain about the product itself.

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