Kit Kat - Sakura Maccha (matcha) latte

Posted by Linda on 11. 2012 0 comments
here's another pack of japanese Kit Kat goodie I ordered from NapaJapan a while ago; in Sakura maccha (aka matcha) latte flavor!

each box contained 6 mini KK bars, they were only about half the size of a regular-sized KK bar.
I like the pastel green color of the maccha/matcha flavored white chocolate coating surrounding the crispy wafers. There was a decent amount of maccha flavor infused into the white chocolate coating, and because sakura has a very weak flavor to the point of being almost tasteless, as I expected, the flavor of sakura was nonexistent in the chocolate coating, at least I wasn't able to taste any. But does the overall flavor of the choc coating taste like sakura maccha latte? I honestly wouldn't know because I've never tasted maccha latte before, let alone one that has sakura added in, but I imagine it would probably taste basically like milk & maccha (with sakura flavor being virtually nonexistent). And basically with this KK you have the maccha flavor from the maccha powder infused into the choc, and I suppose the milk component would come from the white chocolate coating itself (as white choc is made with milk solids). So in this sense, I guess the overall flavor does resemble maccha latte to some extent.
Overall this was a nice flavor KK, but certainly not one of the best I've tried nor is it one of my fave KK flavors. I really liked the choc coating though, it was substantially thick and rich with a decent amount of maccha flavor, and the crispy wafers never disappoint. But being someone who loves anything made with maccha, I would've preferred more maccha infused into the white choc coating, because the amount of maccha flavor was still a bit too weak for my preference.

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