'Takenoko no Sato' cookies - Cacao & Milk

Posted by Linda on 04. 2012 0 comments
I have to admit, I wasn't particularly interested in these 'Takenoko no Sato' cookies from Meiji in the past, the only reason I ordered this from NapaJapan was because they had it on sale at the time selling for only US$1 a box, so I thought "why not?", it's about time I gave these cookies a try anyway. And I'm glad I did because these were surprisingly good.

this is Takenoko no Sato in cacao & milk flavor:

the reason behind the naming of the brand for this particular cookie snack is quite literal, the hiragana 'たけのこ' (Takenoko) in its brand name literally means 'bamboo shoots' in Japanese, hence these cookies are shaped like little bamboo shoots.
Let's start of with the cookie base first, it wasn't hard like I had expected, instead the texture of the cookie bases were soft and crumbly with tiny pieces of slight bitter cacao chocolate and macadamia nuts embedded throughout. The coupling of the slight bitterness of the cacao bits and the nutty taste of the macadamia nut pieces really enriched the cookies with beautiful complementing flavors.
The slight bitterness of cacao was further enhanced with the layer of rich dark cacao chocolate on top of each cookie base, which also blended really well with the sweet white choc.

However there is one thing I'm still scratching my head about is Meiji's marketing of this particular release as a "cacao & milk" flavor release. I certainly understand the significant presence of the cacao contents used in the execution of this particular release of Takenoko no Sato cookies, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the "milk" aspect of it, because I just cannot comprehend the significance of that. If milk was suppose to be a main aspect like cacao for this marketed flavor, then it was very vaguely delivered. Unless the makers at Meiji were referring to the milk solids used in the production of the white chocolate topping, still, I think the macadamia nuts embedded in the cookie cases posed a much bigger significance.

Anyway, overall these cookies were really tasty and delectable, I really came into this taste testing without expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised that's for sure. I'm starting to regret not trying out these Takenoko no Sato snacks sooner, perhaps I would've tasted enough different released flavors of it by now to add it to my ever-growing list of favorite snack brands. But since this was only my first taste experience with these Takenoko no Sato snacks, it's too early for me to add the brand to the list...perhaps after some more tasting with different flavors will change my mind.

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