'Copan' rusk snacks - Salad

Posted by Linda on 30. 2012 0 comments
I'm back with a new review for these delectable crunchy little rusk toast snacks called 'Copan' from Meiji! The last Copan review I posted was almost 5 months ago, so I thought I better post another one today before I "unconsciously" decide to neglect Copan altogether!

this is the salad flavor:
as usual the decent sized pieces of rusks were crispy & crunchy but not hard with just the right texture. And unlike other rusks I've tasted over the years, these Copan rusks are not dry and hard, they have a slightly softer and moister texture than many other rusks. This could be because these Copan rusks were probably fried or deep-fried instead of twice-baked like most rusks are, so these rusks retained abit of the oil hence they have a more softer & moister texture than typical rusks. Now, this can be either a upside or downside depending on the individual. For me personally, I prefer my rusks to be abit moist and not hard & dry, so for this reason, I don't care if these Copan rusks were fried/deep-fried or baked or what not, as long as they are a bit more moist and I'd be happy, and they are, and these salad Copan rusks were no different, so no complaints here about the texture of these Copan rusks A packet of these Copan rusks from Meiji are usually around 250-270 calories per pack, which is less calories than a typical 56g packet of flavored potato chips.
The seasonings were flavorsome too; generous & accurate, I was able to taste the freshness of salad flavor from the seasonings and my taste buds even detected a slight tangy flavor of mayonnaise from the flavorings, which was nice, it really helped to enhance the overall flavor of salad.

Overall, this is definitely another sure hit flavor Copan rusk snack, great texture rusks with flavorsome & accurate seasonings, what more could you want from rusks?

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