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I was quickly scanning through my blog yesterday and noticed that the last time I had ever posted a review about Kit Kats was back in August of last year! So I thought it's about time I post another review about these irresistibly delectable chocolate treats! and considering I had created a separate category specifically for Kit Kats, it's quite obvious that KKs are one of my favourite snack brands! and yes, this will again be another KK release from Japan

Japanese Yubari melons have long been a popular delicacy in Japan, they're basically Rockmelons (or known as Cantaloupe in the US), but Yubari melons are a very high-end type and far superior in quality and taste to a typical rockmelon, hence they are very expensive. In Japan, because of their superior quality in product & expensive price tags, Yubari melons are often given as expensive souvenirs. Just one Yubari melon typically costs around JP¥6,000 to JP¥15,000; this is the equivalent of around US$77 to US$192 each! Sometimes a Yubari melon can fetch to even higher prices, in 2008, 2 Yubari melons fetched up to JP¥2.5 million together at a auction in Japan!
I did some research and learnt that these Yubari melons are named after its cultivator Yubari King located in a town called 'Yubari' in the northern japanese island of Hokkaido.

I personally had the privilege of tasting one of these little expensive beauties during my last trip to Japan and I have to say, I was amazed by its quality would be an understatement! I was completely blown away! The melon was so perfectly round in shape, the flesh was rich in bright orange color, and so juicy, sweet and succulent! It was an amazing experience I will never forget in my life! So I was shocked when my friend in Japan sent me this Yubari melon flavoured Kit Kat she had bought in Japan! It was a special edition regional flavour from Hokkaido and was only available on the market for a very limited time:
from appearance these Yubari melon KKs look just like any other KK; different flavoured chocolate in between wafers and coated with more chocolate. But unlike most Japanese KKs produced by Nestlé Japan, these Yubari melon KKs were coated with milk chocolate...this is quite a significant rarity because Nestlé Japan usually coat their KKs with white choc, unlike in western countries where they mainly use milk choc.
Anyway onto the review, As I took my first bite my taste buds were immediately welcomed by the pleasantly sweet flavour of Yubari melon, the melon flavour from the orange-coloured melon chocolate between the wafers was surprisingly strong and concentrated, but still not too overpowering. From the second photo above, the orange melon chocolate in the center may not seem all that substantial, but the flavour of Yubari melon from it was rich and aromatic. And the milk choc coating really complemented the sweetness of the melon flavour, the balance between both flavours was perfect

I remember Nestlé Japan also released another version of Yubari melon KK a year before, but that version also had orange-coloured Yubari melon chocolate coating the outside of the wafers too, and the coating was made of white choc instead, which is how the choc is able to turn orange when the Yubari melon extracts were infused into the choc. Unlike this newer version that is coated with milk choc...but now having tasted both versions, I think the melon flavour complements milk choc better than white choc. With white choc, the melon flavour tend to become too concentrated and overpowering, depending on how much melon flavour is infused into the choc. But milk choc helps to balance out the melon flavour better, therefore I think this most recent Yubari melon KK is better than the older version.

Overall I'm very satisfied with this Yubari melon KK, the pleasant melon flavour was substantial enough without being too overpowering, and the flavours & sweetness of the melon and milk choc were well-balanced, and the wafers were nice and crispy as usual. Has this become 1 of my favourite all-time KK flavours? Absolutely!

My rating (overall):

However I have to admit that I do have a small doubt about whether Nestlé Japan had actually used REAL Yubari melon content to make these Yubari melon KKs...because as you all know, Yubari melons are VERY expensive, so that makes me wonder whether the company had enough money to buy all the Yubari melons to make these KKs...or had they actually opted for the much cheaper options of either using regular rockmelons, melon extracts, or the much worse artificial colouring & flavours?
My doubts are mainly due to the fact that Yubari melons are insanely expensive...but on the other hand, Nestlé Japan only make these Yubari melon KKs as special regional releases for a very limited perhaps they could afford to make barely enough for the very limited release periods? Although I think it's more likely they used some kind of cheaper melon extract or essence.

The reason why I'm so confused about this is because I forgot to read the list of ingredients printed at the back of the packaging before I threw it in the bin, so yes, stupid me! XD But either Nestlé Japan had used real Yubari melons or not, I thought the melon flavour in the KK was very nice, and that's the important thing

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