'Cheeza' cheese crackers - Cheddar

Posted by Linda on 24. 2012 0 comments
I really like these 'Cheeza' cheese cracker snacks from Glico, they are full of cheese flavor & great to munch on with any beverage or just by themselves.

this is the cheddar cheese flavor:

the crackers were thin and crispy and loaded with rich cheddar flavor, which is expected considering each cracker contains 52% cheddar!
Forget about those other commercial cracker snacks that claim to be "cheese" crackers, most of them only contain around 20% cheese or less and most of that cheese flavor comes from the seasoning. But with Glico's Cheeza cheese crackers, there is hardly any seasoning, instead they infuse REAL cheese content into the crackers themselves, hence each cracker is so rich in NATURAL cheese flavor. These cheddar Cheeza crackers are no different, crispy and crunchy thin crackers loaded with substantial amount of cheddar content and flavor, lip-smackingly addictive!

My rating (overall):

Although to me honest, I wish Glico would pack these Cheeza crackers in bigger packets with more quantity, because 42g is really not enough, at least for me!

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