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I ordered this Japanese Kit Kat in 'Edamame Zunda' flavor from NapaJapan, before I get into the review, here's a little info about Edamame Zunda.
Zunda is a type of Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets often served with tea) and is basically a sort of Mochi, edamame Zunda is mochi covered in a sweetened paste made from edamame (immature soybeans in pod), hence it has that beautiful light green colour.
Edamame Zunda can often be called as simply 'Zunda mochi', the Zunda has its origins stemmed from Sendai prefecture (the worst affected area of the march 2011 Tohoku earthquake & tsunami disaster).

I have to point out though, I have never tasted edamame Zunda before, so I went into this tasting virtually completely oblivious about the actual taste of edamame Zunda. But at least I knew what edamame Zunda is made of, mochi typically has a very mild and lite flavor with a very weak hint of sweetness, and considering the edamame paste is basically made of sweetened immature soybeans while they're still in their pods, it has to have some degree of soybeans flavor, right? At least, that's what I thought. However I knew that the overall flavor would probably be mostly sweet with at least a hint of soybeans taste, so I took this as a reference into this tasting:

the chocolate coating was white choc flavored with, well, edamame Zunda of course, the choc coating was thick and smooth with a lot of sweetness, I could actually taste a weak hint of lite flavor of the mochi in the choc coating. However, I couldn't taste any soybeans flavor, perhaps it was obscured by the overpowering sweetness of the chocolate coating and the edamame paste is suppose to be sweetened also after all. But I love the light pastel green colour of the white choc coating, there were more subtle edamame zunda flavored white choc between the classic crispy wafers.
This was a nice flavor no doubt different, the choc coating was enriched with a lot of sweetness, but the overall taste certainly was different to a simple white choc KK, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was a certain lite refreshing taste to the pastel green zunda choc, it did somewhat taste like the makers at Nestlé Japan had blended white chocolate with mochi, however I couldn't taste any degree of soybeans flavor or the flavor of the pods. With my lack of prior tasting experience with edamame Zunda, has proved to be a disadvantage for me in this taste judging. I'm not even sure if any degree of soybeans flavor is even retained in the finish product of edamame Zunda, so I really cannot tell whether the lack of soybeans flavor & its pods in the white chocolate coating was a flaw in the execution of this particular KK flavor, or there is simply no soybeans flavor in the edamame zunda finished product.
Therefore, with this review I can only go by what I CAN taste and how I feel about it, overall, this was a nice flavor, it had a pleasant lite and refreshing taste. Though I am a little disappointed that the flavor of the immature soybeans was non-existent, I would've loved it to have at least a hint of soybeans flavor to help cut back on the sweetness just a little bit, it's certainly not one of the best flavored KKs I've tasted, but nonetheless, I still savored every bite.

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