Glico - 'Monaka Caplico' aerated chocolate

Posted by Linda on 13. 2012 0 comments
I first saw this new 'Monaka Caplico' confection from Glico featured on the company's official site a few months ago and I'd been eager to try it out since then, I got so excited when I saw them on special at Tokyomart.
The Monaka Caplico is still a relatively new release, it's a spin-off product derived from the company's popular 'Caplico' aerated chocolate cone confection. Ever since my first delightful experience with the strawberry flavor Giant Caplico almost 2 years ago, I've been quite hooked on this oishii aerated chocolate confection so my excitement over a new spin-off product is inevitable.
Because I hadn't tried this new Monaka Caplico confection prior to my last Tokyomart shopping trip, I only bought 1 pack of it...which I live to regret it now because it was so good I couldn't stop craving for it!

the monaka was quite a decent size for $1.90 each (that was the special low price), it's basically made of 2 layers of aerated chocolate (top layer is white choc & bottom layer is milk choc) encased inside 2 wafer shells, you can also break the whole thing into 4 individual portions, which I thought was a neat touch as you can share it with others. But trust me, if you're a chocolate lover, you wouldn't want to share this with anyone anyway!

The 2 layers of aerated chocolate sandwiched between the wafers were light and sweet, the balance of the white choc and milk choc was complementary, the air bubbles throughout the chocolate created by the aeration process really gave the choc a bold texture, but still melty in my mouth. And the wafer shells were crispy.
Overall, these were so irresistibly oishii that I devoured the whole thing in less than a minute and instantly found myself craving for more!and I have to say, I think I love this Monaka Caplico even more than the original Caplico!

My rating (overall):

And yes, I now regret not getting more of these monakas while I was at Tokyomart! If I had known they were this good I would've grabbed a basket full of these in a heartbeat!And the fact that they were on special while I was there, just the thought of being able to get more of these for cheaper prices just hurts because it makes me even more regretful of not buying more of these yummies
Needless to say, I'll definitely be getting more of these the next time I go to Tokyomart! although I'm not sure when that'll be since I actually live very far away from Tokyomart, so I don't shop there often...and that again adds to more despair

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