Meiji 'Apollo' chocolate - Strawberry

Posted by Linda on 26. 2012 0 comments
I bought this small box of 'Apollo' chocolate from Meiji in original strawberry flavor at Tokyomart during my last trip there. I've read many reviews about these Apollo chocolates over the years and have seen plenty of images, so I thought it's about time I enlightened my curiosity about these little sweets.

the concept of these Apollo chocolates are really basic; a cone-shaped confectionery with 2 layers of different types of chocolate. In this case, the first layer was milk chocolate topped with the second layer of sweet pink strawberry chocolate. The sweetness of the 2 chocolate flavors complemented each other well and created a rich choc blend.
There's really not much to comment on these Apollo chocolates, they may look fancy but they're rather simple in concept & execution.
Overall these little chocs make good sweet treats to munch on anytime of the day and would satisfy anyone's sweet cravings, however there's really nothing particularly special about them in my opinion.

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