Pretz biscuit sticks - Sudachi

Posted by Linda on 11. 2012 2 comments
I love my 'Pretz' biscuit stick snacks & it has been a while since I last reviewed about it so today's review is going to be about another Pretz flavor, which, in my opinion, was surprisingly yummy.

This is the Sudachi flavored Pretz:
pretz-sudachi.jpg pretz-sudachi2.jpg
Sudachi is a type of Japanese citrus that can only be found in Japan, it is virtually identical in appearance, taste and use to the common lime, only it has a zestier flavor & aroma to lime and lemons. I have never tasted Sudachi before, but I have been told that like lime, Sudachi is very sour and acidic and is commonly used as a garnish on many popular japanese dishes.
Knowing what kind of taste Sudachi has, frankly I was originally quite apprehensive about this particular sudachi Pretz, as I was a little worried about the sudachi flavor being too strong and sour and I wasn't sure how well the taste would blend together with the biscuit sticks.
But I was happy when I was actually proven wrong, the sudachi flavor was surprisingly not as strong as I initially thought it would be, it was actually just the right amount for me. The sour & zesty flavor of the sudachi was milder than I had anticipated, but there was still a good amount of it to give each biscuit stick that kick of citrus flavor, and the flavor was still somewhat sharp to the palate without being overpowering. And I thought the milder but sharp citrus taste of sudachi complemented the biscuit sticks well.
Overall, I was unexpectedly pleased with these sudachi flavored Pretz sticks, they were surprisingly very good. Sudachi is no doubt a very unusual choice of flavor for a commercial snack, but who cares, the taste does it justice and that's what's important!I can't wait to get my hands on more of these the next time I go to Tokyomart!

My rating (overall):

Wow I love your blog! Where do you get most of your snacks from? I do recall seeing napajapan as one of the places you use. Do you send out packages to your readers or a PayPal set up for people who can't get to most of the products you try? That's so much for the awesome reviews!!!!
2012.10.04 08:18 | URL | Misha #KJ9ziWXw [edit]
Misha -

Hi, I'm glad you like my blog!v-410
Yes, NapaJapan is one of the places I shop when I want to buy Japanese snacks online, they have a HUGE selection of Japanese sweets & snacks to choose from and the shipping prices are reasonable.
Another good online shop that sells japanese snacks is, they tend to sell products at slightly cheaper prices than NapaJapan, but their shipping prices cost abit more.

Sorry, I don't send packages out myself, but I do guide my readers to places where they can buy great snacks from Japanv-290
2012.10.04 17:23 | URL | Linda #- [edit]

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