Marukyo Dorayaki (6 pcs)

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Ok, now that I've cleared all the Pocky collaborative releases with Mart out of the way, let's move on to a different brand snack.

During my latest shopping errand at my local asian grocery yesterday, I picked up this pack of dorayaki made by Marukyo, the same company that produced the Shirakiku Marukyo Funwariyaki I reviewed about back in February.
Unlike the Funwariyaki, these are truly Dorayaki, I made sure I read the label!

each pack contained 6 individually wrapped dorayaki cakes, these dorayaki were really no different to the Marukyo Funwariyaki, same texture same taste, the cake patties were really soft and with mild amount of sweetness. And the sweetness from the azuki bean paste filling was quite subtle too, which leads me to believe that just like for the company's funwariyakis, either very little or no sugar was added to the azuki paste during the production process. Further more, the azuki bean paste was not too fine, this is because the makers at Marukyo did not overly pound the azuki beans to make the paste, which left some of the skin of the beans intact, and that in turn helped to add texture to the azuki paste. The lovely flavor of azuki from the paste was strong, due to the lacking of sugar added in the paste, so the full flavor & potential of those lovely azuki beans was able to shine through. Therefore you're able to taste that lovely natural taste of azuki beans from the paste, and it complemented well with the mild sweetness of the soft cake patties.

However, the one little draw-back about these dorayakis is that I thought the texture of the cake patties was just a little bit too dry for my palate personally, but that's merely my own opinion and is just a tiny wee dent on what is an overall great snack.
Overall, these dorayakis are fantastic sweets for anyone who craves a snack that's not too sweet.

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