Pocky x Mart - Deluxe White+Milk chocolate biscuit sticks

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I can't believe it's been 5 months since I last blogged about my ultimate favorite snack brand; Pocky by the famous japanese manufacturer Glico! It honestly did not feel like it was that long to me, so I was shocked when I checked my last blog entry for Pocky snacks and realized it dates back to December of last year. I felt compelled to blog about Pocky again asap, so, today's food review will be Pocky related.

If you are a avid lover of this popular delectable biscuit stick snack, like me, then you may have noticed that lately the makers at Glico has teamed up with the people at Japanese lifestyle magazine 'Mart', to create 4 new deluxe flavors for Pocky. I personally have tried all 4 of these new Mart collaborative flavors and I just love them all! This deluxe White+Milk chocolate flavor I'll be reviewing today is one of those 4 collaborative flavors:

combining the sweet goodness of both white chocolate and milk choc, I knew this was going to be another sure hit Pocky flavor for me and I'm glad my prediction was correct. The sweet white chocolate coating was very thick, rich and creamy, very substantial, and the decorative milk choc swirls on top gave each stick a very pretty and attractive look. The sweet vanilla white choc and the smooth milk choc really complemented each other and well blended of the different rich chocolate flavors.
Seriously, I devoured the entire box in under 2 minutes, and was immediately craving for more afterwards, but I ended up kicking myself when I realized I had only bought 1 box of these from Tokyomart, BIG mistake that was!frankly, I should've bought at least 5 boxes of this Pocky flavor during the last time I went to Tokyomart, that's how irresistibly lip-smackingly yummy this Pocky flavor was
Being a 'deluxe' release, this collaborative flavor is more substantial than the standard Pocky flavors, and cost a little bit more than the standard flavors too, this particular flavor cost almost US$4 per box at NapaJapan and Tokyomart, but trust me, this is worth every penny of it!
And needless to say, this PockyxMart deluxe white+milk choc flavor has been added to my ever-growing list of favorite Pocky flavors!Along with all the other 3 collaborative PockyxMart flavors

My rating (overall):

And it seems I am not the only Pocky junkie who is crazy for these new PockyxMart flavors, apparently all 4 of these new collaborative deluxe releases with Mart have been very popular with Pocky lovers, because all of them are so irresistibly oishii (yummy), though Pocky has always been a deletable snack. But seeing the success of these new flavors that the Pocky team up with Mart have created, perhaps this may trigger more collaborations in the future between the makers at Glico and the staff of Mart, for some more new Pocky flavors. If their team up were to continue creating such irresistibly yummy flavors like these, then I say "please do!"

Next time, I will be reviewing one of the other 3 PockyxMart collaborative releases.

yep I tried these Pocky+Mart flavors too, they're all so yummy! I love them! =D I especially love the white choc & milk choc, the fromage & the strawberry dessert ones! =P
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